Ready to be Smart (Part 2)

As we have told you earlier that losing weight is not a matter of few days, its takes months to get the desired body figure.  We have discussed exercise and some categories of fats in our first part. Now we will discuss some extra tips of losing weight.
               If you are in the habit to get up early in the morning, then you can easily & quickly cover the distance of losing weight. As the best time for griping strengthening exercise is the morning time. Other then this take one glass of hot water with little bit of honey in it before having the breakfast, it will help you to reduce extra fats of your body. Try to take another glass of hot water at some other time of the day with few drops of lemon in it. Make a habit of taking long breaths as much as you can. Do not consume extra meal, when you will feel that you have taken enough till the next meal. Drink as much water as you can, particularly just before starting your meal, in this way you will ultimately eat less. Then if you will feel hungry and need to eat something during meals then try to take fresh fruits and juices. Do not make a mistake of eating unhealthy fats containing items, like some sweet bakery products etc. 

Other then exercise (aerobics & anaerobic), try to develop a habit of walking as much as possible. Other than perfect morning walk, you can also cover your shorter distances through walking. It will definitely help you for consuming your diet and to reduce your fats. You can eat your favorite fatty products as well but if you are sure that you can consume it.

The last but not least, say ‘NO’ to anything which comes in extra other than your proper meals. Especially avoid oily and unhealthy fats containing eatables as much as you can. It is bit hard to do, for food loving people but its not difficult at all. You just have to make up your mind if you really have decided to be a smart one.

Those who are very much interested to get a smart and healthy figure are more than welcome to join us.

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