Protein Comparison Guide: Beans vs. Chicken

Meat or no meat has always been a question for fitness freaks. Some kept a cheat day to have it; others simply called it a high protein meat diet to keep their taste buds alive. But knowing the real truth through actual protein comparison between beans vs. chicken is something that reveals the inner secret. It’s time that we all should know whether meatless food stuff is equally great for protein intake or not.

First of all, for all the fitness freaks, if you are considering opting for one thing in beans vs. chicken comparison then understand the fact that beans are incomplete proteins and if you intend to follow a complete vegetarian diet then you need to make sure that a wholesome combination of beans, legumes and lentils is taken. This is something which you do not need to pursue with fitness program that incorporates chicken. With chicken you can get wholesome amount of protein by only eating chicken and not combining it with any other food item.

Normally, an intake of 3 oz of chicken is equal to 21 grams of protein. 3 oz is the regular intake of chicken that an individual on an average consumes during one meal. If you intend to balance out this much of protein intake through beans and lentils then you have a variety of options. Firstly, you can have 1 cup of lentil and beans soup or have almost 2 cups of black beans in any form, may it be salads, soups or boiled. Secondly, chick peas are also a great source of proteins and you can have them in beans category by taking an intake of almost one and a half cup at one meal time.

Lentil curries and bean salads are a good way to balance your protein intake without eating chicken. It not only keeps you fit and balanced with the protein intake through beans but you can also enjoy a good taste too.

Therefore, may it be beans or chicken, just eat what you like more but make sure that your protein intake remains balanced. More protein means more energy, better skin, hair, nails and a completely better and glowing you.

Beans and chicken are two choices of fulfilling daily protein requirements. You simply need to know how to balance out your diet and keep your taste buds up with good taste.

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