Pregnant Mommies Guide to Sound Sleep

Most unfortunate thing that waits at the most beautiful time (pregnancy) for a mom to be is ‘Sleep-deprivation’. I’m sure the entire mom to best can relate to it. It is the time when you most need the sleep but you get to have the least of it.

The whispers keep coming to your brain ‘probably it is the best time I can take advantage of sleep for the coming three years of my life, so Damn, SLEEP!’ but, No, Nothing works! Yes, dear folks todays agenda is the insomnia mothers go through, the sleeplessness during pregnancy.

The next question that might be popping up in your head is what triggers the insomnia stage? Well, my dear mom-to-bes the reason here are.

  • Hormonal changes
  • Pressure to your bladder and frequents trips to the bathroom
  • Pregnancy heartburns
  • Leg cramps
  • Pre-birth anxiety

So, up against these odds we will give you tips to counter the sleeplessness during the pregnancy.

1. The number one thing is not to worry. Think about the most beautiful treasure you are going to accomplish after this endless trial (big sigh, moms can relate to it). The more you take stress, the more you fall for anxiety, the more your gastric cycle gets into trouble. Thus making your heartburns more frequent.

2. Lower the water content before going to bed. Instead add a glass of warm milk. This helps in the insomnia state and allows you a sound sleep yet alone the nutritional add on!

3. Snack protein content food before lying down. It prevents the bad dream cycle and helps you have a sound sleep. 9filled belly, sound sleep, what else one could want more?)

4. Clear off with the emotional consequences you have been dealing with. Ask a friend to accompany you, talk about your fears your issue, your problems. Or you may even write them down to take them out of your system. Yes, that may help you lower that pressure/ burden off the shoulders and head.

5. Avoid caffeine and chocolate before going to bed. They are energy activation foods and will make you more wakeful hence trigging the sleeplessness during pregnancy.

6. Work out; yes have a regime of taking special exercise at pregnancy. This helps in relaxing you with a sound mind and sound body to counter the hard core sleeplessness during pregnancy.

7. Take warm baths, get yourself a massage. This helps you in relaxing and gives you that advantage of soothe hence it helps to shoo away the sleeplessness during pregnancy.

8. Get comfortable! Grab on to as much pillows as you want!

9. Read, yes reading can make your eyes tire. And will help you sleep. Go on try that that works. Speaks for its own self.

10. Keep your feet warm. Pregnant mothers who have issues with cold feet find it hard to sleep. And yes that sounds as a major trouble. I’m sure all of you who have experienced it can relate to it. So, keep your feet warm, massage them with hot oil before bed. Wear a pair of socks and get into bed. This will also prevent against the peeing cycle (you know what I mean). Hence this is another way of countering the sleeplessness during pregnancy.

11. If you can’t sleep, then get up finish the unfinished task or chore from the morning. Little work might tire you up and elate your sense of sleep. Hence this too is worth trying solution against the sleeplessness during pregnancy.

12. Do not count the time! No don’t do that. That makes your brain in continuous thinking process and does not allow you to sleep.

So, there you go mommies here are the tips for you to counter sleeplessness during pregnancy. We hope they are worth trying. Happy Sleeping!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

Follow these steps and we are sure you will be able to achieve that happy sleep you all want.

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