Parent’s Role – Always Remember One Thing

Many parents tried to play the best role for their kids. They tried to be all in one. Most often parents have to play so many roles and that is why they act poorly and unfortunately they gets fail to be a good role model for their children. If we talk about and ordinary mother, what she does?

She tries to be a good mama, good caretaker, good grandmother, good cook, good friend, good servant, good play mate, good teacher and tutor, good planner, good helper at last but not the least, if she is a single parent than she also tries to be a good father too. Same as to be a father. He tries to be a good advisor, a friend, a successful, strong, wealthy man and father.

But if you think calmly and deeply, you will find that it is noticeably almost unfeasible to play all these roles very well and at the end become a poor role model for their children.Therefore, there is a piece of advice for parents which will truly help your child to be overall good and successful citizen of a country play just one role, yours role of a parent. What should be a role of a parent? When you think of your own parents and their influence on you as a person it will become clear.

Parent's Role - Always Remember One Thing

What would be the one thing you want from your parents and wants to convert into your child? Hamm? Yup it’s “Faith”. If you show your trust on them, if you show that you have faith in your child or it will motivate them in every aspect of their life. If you trust your child than it means that you love your child, you care your child. Now let me tell you how this kind of role can change your child’s life in a good way.

  1. If you say your child that “I trust you” than this thing give them confidence to win the race of life. They can do everything they felt before that is impossible either in an academic level or to choose any career. To get success in any challenge that comes in front of them in their life.

    circle of trust

  2. The sentence “I trust you” will make them away from any bad habit, from bad society or people. The trust you showed on them will make them think 100 times before going towards any bad thing and at last they will not adopt that bad habit just because of thought that you trust him/ her.

  3. You can be the most reliable friend for your child by saying just one sentence that “I trust you”. If your child is in trouble, it will always work for his good if you say sincerely, “I trust you.”  It is the most powerful word, which may help your child especially in his/ her teenager part of life. In any trouble of their life, with this sentence they comes first to you to share their problem because if you trust on them they will trust you in return and will share all their goods or bad with you.

Trust Your Child

So what you get about your role? What is the role of a parent? It is to believe your child, to give him/ her all trust and faith on them. So practice this sentence, “I know you are a good child, I trust you”. If you are busy in your life that you have not much time to train your child than still you can give enough self-belief to your child by your belief on him/ her, with your trust on him/ her. This is the role of a good parent. To trust your child, to believe in his/ her integrity, know that your youngster is good. That is all about! If there is only one sentence that should be written regarding role of a parent is “I trust you”. 

Role of any parent left very strong impact on child’s life. As in the theater of the once child’s life, parents have to play some roles which directly reflect on their child’s life.

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