Parenting Tips For Teens To Avoid Sexting

The term Sexting refers to the act of sending sexually explicit messages and photographs, primarily between mobile phones. Sexting word is a combination of sex and text messaging. Though parents are unaware about it but the surveys shows that 40 to 60 percent of teens are indulged in sexting. This monstrous trend continues full speed ahead in Pakistan, parents, teachers and lawmakers of country are struggling to react appropriately to the phenomenon that puts kids at risk for exploitation, harassment, and even dangerous offense charges. Teens use sexting to flirt and others follow this trend just for sake of fun or to hurt and harass others. It is necessary for you to save your kids from immoral activity sexting. Following is a guide line for parents to save teens from sexting.
Parenting tips for teens to avoid sexting
• As parenting tips for teens parents should be aware about the changing trends in the world, especially about the sexuality of your teens. With the changing trends now the teens may not be interested in to have practical physical relationships but to have casual sex relationships like sexting. Try to find out the reasons behind your teen sexting and fix them wisely.
• Apart from parenting tips for teen first you have to realize the legitimate consequences of the sexting. If your teens are doing this it might be a great difficulty for you in future, you may face the crime charges on this act. In many countries there are laws for sexting and considers a crime. Be aware first by your own self and then literate your teens about it to avoid legislative difficulties. 
•  In parenting tips for teens you can make a sense to your teens by awaking them about the harms of sexting, how much it is dangerous to ruin your rapport in the society and family. In case of breakups your sexting material may be a tool of revenge in your partner hand.
• As a parenting tips for teens told your teens about the insecurity of the software what are considered previously safe for data. These are not safe to use and can leak the data easily. Once you expose your nude material to a certain device you lose the security by your own self.
• In parenting tips for teens be friendly with your teens, it’s not necessary that your teens by their own will are involved, they may be doing this under the influence of someone else, may be the harassment is there. If your kids are friendly with you might possible that they tell you the truth without reluctance.
• Another parenting tip for teens to avoid sexting is to increase the morality in your teens. Make them involve in healthy supports activities and brought some good materials to reed. Good stories increase the positivity and would be great usage of spare time where your teens get involve in devilries activities.
• This is also a parenting tip for teens, you have to increase your own morality, and the family members are the role models of the teen. In some families the elders are involved in immoral activities, they think that they can hide but it is impossible in a family to hide. When kids observe their elders in immoral activities they take it easy to adopt it, so if you want to forbade your teens first to restrict your own self.                       

Sexting is prevailing rapidly in Pakistan, it is necessary to know about it and the consequences of sexting. Parents should aware about it and guide their teens to prevent from sexting.

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