Parenting Through Grandparent-Grandchildren Relationship

The cycle of life is very interesting; the most amazing part of this life circle is the inter-generational relationships. The grandparents and grandchildren relationship is symbolic of life completing its full circle. The parenting tips include the idea that they have lived through their childhood and their carefree fun and innocence, through their days of serious business, adulthood and now in their ‘oldhood’ grandparents relive their childhood with their grandchildren.

They say grandparents are always responsible for spoiling their grandchildren because of the immense love and care they give to their grandchildren. The idea of the parenting tips by the grandparents is to infuse the values from grandparents to the grandchildren.

Having lived with all the responsibilities, duties and worries the oldies have no activity to indulge in but to get involved with their grandchildren. The relationship between the young at age and young at heart astonishingly even defies the devils of generation gap as most grandchildren consider their grandparents as friends.

Since the parenting guides emphasise on parents giving time to their children, still if they cannot manage to do so, the time and attention needed by the children are provided by the grandparents, while the grandparents relive their childhood they become a friend to the child. Having seen life more than parents, they understand life better. They can teach the children with better values and morals.

The grandparent’s attitude has its own importance because they give confidence to their grandchildren to deal with the competitiveness of the life. Physiatrists say that grandparents handle children with more kindness than the parents would deal with the children. Parenting guide emphasis on the company of grandparents to the children because their company infuses an amazing package of moral from their generation that cannot be taught to the children by their own parents. The attitude grandparents have with the children is a way of parenting that cannot be taught in any case.  Parenting tips can be fully taught to parents, grandparents have live through everything so they have natural ability of parenting through which they can handle the children better than anyone else.

Parenting and the relation between grandparents and grandchildren.

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