Parenting: Pre-School Jitters

The first day of Preschool is tough for parents as well as children. Here’s what you can do to make it a fun parenting experience.

As soon as a baby is born, and a woman becomes a mother, her responsibilities are increased. The next few years are spent taking care of the baby, trying different parenting techniques, and making sure she’s being a positive parent. This applies to both parents.

When a child reaches to school going age, most parents happily start preparing for preschool. The excitement to see their child going to school is a natural part of positive parenting. Parents of toddlers usually can’t wait to send their children to school, and this may sometimes be considered as poor parenting.  But as D-day approaches, parents come to find that all their positive parenting techniques may really just be a waste of time.

Get ready for the preschool pressure that both of you, the parents and the children are about to face. And here are some parenting tips to help you get through the first day of school jitters.

  • Visit the pre-school before it starts

Make a pre, pre-school visit with your child, just to introduce your child to the school, its surroundings, and teachers. Meet your child’s teacher and help your child to get familiar with the school, because he/she will be spending a lot of time here.

  • Pre-school Preparation

It will be positive parenting on your part to prepare for your child’s first day of school. Buy him/her a new backpack, new stationary, new clothes, and a lunchbox. It will help your child feel happy about going to school. Make sure you wake up early on the first day and give your child his/her favorite snack for lunch. Pack a little note with the lunch, telling your child you love them.

  • Pick and drop your child on the first day

The best parenting tip would be that you make the effort to pick and drop your child on the first day. Make sure you’re on time. Ask your child how the first day went, and be specific about what you ask. Greet your child with a huge smile, hug and kiss them. Also be prepared for an emotional scene, because not only your child but you too could get teary at seeing your child going to school. But of course, the best thing to remember is that you definitely don’t need any parenting tips on how to tell your child that you love them!

The first day of Preschool is tough for parents as well as children. Here's what you can do to make it a fun parenting experience.

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