Parenting …Not a Difficult Job!

Now a day’s majority of parents consider ‘’parenting’’ as a very hectic and difficult job, but it’s not anymore.

Parents are the most precious and most merciful gift of God. Without parents life is like a barren land. Parents are our real asset and without parents and their parenting guidance we can’t manage our chores properly.

Parents are our real role model and they should be, as it’s obligatory for parents to make themselves as a role model in front of their children. So, that their children live and lead their lives according to them. In this context, parents and their parenting guidelines are very essential for the nourishment and proper growth of their children.

Now days, because of loads of loads of house hold chores and tough working and professional routine. Majority of the parents cannot give proper time, attention and guidance to their children and then eventually consider “parenting” as a difficult task but don’t worry- it isn’t such a difficult as you consider. You just have to ponder some of very common but obligatory “Parenting guidelines” to make your children as per your wish.

  • Don’t be authoritative while treating with your child. Be friendly and polite so that your child takes you as a friend and share each and every thing with you in a very friendly and confident environment.
  • Before instructing or applying any rule to your child, first apply it on yourself as it will give an effective influence to your child also it will make your child obedient.
  • Never say a lie in front of your child or to your child. Always try to impose moral values and virtues first on yourself then turn to your child.
  • Always try to be balance, calm and free of anger while dealing with your child. This will improve your child’s self obedience, self confidence and patience throughout his or her life.
  • Try to offer your spiritual doings and prayers with your child as it will give serene and spiritual satisfaction to your child which is very important for a balance life style.

By adding these very simple parenting guide lines in your daily routine and habit, you will be a perfect parent for your child, whom he imitate or admire throughout his or her life.

Now a day’s majority of parents consider ‘’parenting’’ as a very hectic and difficult job, but it’s not anymore.

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