Parent Teacher Communication

Parent – teacher meeting is the most common way of communication and it must be made productive. 

Parent teacher relationship holds significance importance in building up the personality of a child/ student and shaping his behavior. If children are taught something contrary to what they are taught at school, it baffles them. That’s why parent teacher relationship needs to be more than just discussing the grades and scorecards.  Also, parents and teacher share the responsibility of the child and communication is important.

The most common and practical way of communication is holding parent teacher meetings on regular basis. The downside to these parent teacher meetings is that mostly parents are concerned only with the grade report and not to the personality building of their child at schools. On the other hand, some teachers do not make these parent teacher meetings constructive form of parent teacher communication. The priority teachers set for the children have an impact on their character building and the psychology as well. So teacher must recognize the role as spiritual guide and as mentors.
If a few guidelines are followed the parent teacher relationship can be strengthen and be of great help to the students. Firstly, parent teacher meetings must be arranged on regular basis and parents must introduce themselves and their child to the teacher, so that an acquaintance is developed and teachers must know which student has what concerns and interests. Parents must come prepared on parent teacher meetings. They must discuss with their children about their experience at school so that at the parent teacher meetings they can discuss all their concerns.

Apart from discussing the problems, parent teacher meetings can be a platform for parents to discuss their child future prospects.  A strong parent teacher relationship allows teachers to suggest parents about the most appropriate fields of studies for their child. Regular parent teacher meetings aid in stronger parent teacher relationship and communication and their combined input to the child’s academic learning and personality structuring reaps noticeably better results. Parent teacher relationship must be maintained to keep a check on the child’s progress. Better parent teacher relationship keeps parents up to date and also helps the kids to perform better.

Parent teacher relationship must be maintained to keep a check on the child's progress. Better communication keeps parents up to date and also helps the kids to perform better.

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