Pakistani Eid Recipe

Pakistani Eid is about food, particularly about food that involves meat. Around Pakistani Eid most of us spend our time deciding what food to cook, what food to serve our guests; all food choices on Pakistani Eid involve meat. On Pakistani Eid when we are going crazy cooking meat and taking care of all the meat that is coming in the house. Here is a Pakistani Eid meat recipe that is not only delicious but it also helps take care of the meat coming in the house in the best way possible.

There is never enough food on Pakistani Eid and there is never enough meat in food. On this Pakistani Eid when meat starts coming in ground all the meat you can and all the meat you don’t need immediately. Once the meat has been ground add beaten egg in it, minced chili peppers, bread crumbs, minced ginger and garlic, garam masala. Mix and shape them as you please, long sheikh kababs or meat balls. This recipe gives you ample choice. Fry and serve them dry or cook them in tomato purree and serve them as savory. Best part of this Pakistani Eid food recipe is that use as many as you need and store the rest for later whenever.

Pakistani Eid is focused on meat. Here is a great meat recipe that will appease your taste buds while keeping it economical.

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