No Need to Worry about Diabetes Anymore

Maintaining a good diet is really important for every man. In diabetes, people should really think what they should eat. Your diabetes can be maintained if you know what you are going to eat. Eating at proper time will also have a positive effect on your glucose levels.

About 70-130 glucose level before eating a meal is considered normal. It will increase after having meal but it should stay under 180.

Starting with a food plan is really a good choice. Diabetes food pyramid shows how you can control your glucose levels. Eat vegetables. You can have a maximum of 3 to 4 servings daily. Beans are rich in fiber and they have a high quality of carbohydrates. Here, I am talking about all kinds of beans- cheap and no fats.

You can have potatoes, cereals and bread as they are rich in proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. You can have a small potato or a bread or half cup cereal in one serving and you can increase an equal amount on more than one servings.

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Having vegetables with no starch in them can really help you to control your sugar spikes. Such vegetables include mushrooms, spinach peppers etc.

If you are craving for fruits, you can have a one fresh fruit per serving. About 4 servings at maximum are recommended by doctors. If you want to have an orange juice or any other fresh juice, you can have half cup of that and the amount of servings will be same as mentioned for fruits.

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Milk is recommended for everyone. It keeps the bones strong and keeps your body away from diseases like osteoporosis but it contains fat as well that is non healthy and can affect your diabetes and health. So, try to choose a low fat milk. Having no fat will be a plus for you. You can have 1 cup with 2 to 3 servings daily.

When you talk about some food that is rich in protein, you cannot miss ‘meat’. Meat can be healthy. Try to take out all the visible fat before eating it. Avoid frying it. Instead, try to have it roasted or baked. 2 to 3 servings are recommended. You can add more flavors like vinegar, spices and lemon juice in it.

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When taking dry fruits, make sure that you do not take them in your daily routine. Have them quite often as they are high in fats. Also avoid having fried food. Fried food can harm you. It increases your cholesterol levels and fats. Have them as less as you can.

If you want to have sweets, you can have them. Anything taken in excess is bad but sweets taken in excess can be really worse for you. Be like a calculator to calculate the amount of sweets-intake. You can have a limited amount of it and you can also add it to your daily diet plan if you plan to stay humble. You can have an ice-cream, limited to half cup only. Or you can 1 to 2 cookies. Try to have whole-wheat cupcake. It’s limited to 1 serving per day.

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Yes, planning your diet is a great way to maintain your glucose levels stable. But there are some other things as well that you should consider like exercise. Exercise is best way to stay physically fit and burn all the extra fat that is in your system.

Your blood sugar level can drop. You might feel weak, lazy or really tired when it occurs. If this happens, do not wait. Have some juice, milk or sweets in an amount mentioned above.


Taking your medicines in time can be really effective. Have a fixed time for when you are going to have your meal. Be punctual on it. You should also go to your doctor and discuss your diet plan with him. Also, do not forget to have an advice to have medicines at a specific time.

Managing you diabetes with healthy eating is really important as it can have effect on your everyday activities. Just learn few tips and suggestions and let yourself feel healthy and happy.

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