No Cooking Required

In summer, when temperature is at its extreme, many women hesitate to go in kitchen. Sometimes during kitchen renovation, when your cooking range or stove is on the fritz, you can go with No Cooking Meals. They are the perfect solution to your cooking problems. On such busy days when you just want to sit down and eat with little effort, you can make simple meal without cooking.

Do you want to create a delicious meal without having to cook? 

You will be surprise to see many great dishes that you can create without cooking. No cooking meals include sandwiches, burgers, salads, cold soups, dips, pasta, fruit chaat and smoothies etc. You can make any of these food items easily without cooking.

Sandwiches can be made easily and quickly. To make a sandwich you need slices of a good bread. You can add chicken salad, mayonnaise, ketchup or chicken spread and other ingredients that you have on hand. You can also layer tomatoes, spinach, apple slices between cheese and chicken. Jazz up your sandwich by adding spicy sauces.

Salad is the most versatile dish that is not only very easy but also a no cook food. You can make fruit salad, vegetable salad, mixed salad and some other salads with the ingredients that are available in your kitchen. You have to cut vegetables or fruits and mix them and add some salt, lemon drops and pepper. You can jazz up your salad by adding beans, chicken and nuts etc. to make it more flavorful and tasty.

Pineapple and Banana Smoothies are No Cooking Meal drinks that you can make without cooking. Simply peel them off and blend them with milk and add some sugar if you want. This smoothie is gorgeous and indulgent, full of fruity goodness and health.

Barbecue Chicken Burger is a delicious no cooking meal. You just need a bun and cut it from center. You can add chicken spread, ketchup, barbecued chicken and barbecue spicy sauce. Serve it variety of fresh vegetables and pita chips to complete the meal.       

For an easy and delicious No Cook Food, try making a meal from pasta. You can try pasta that requires nothing more than a short soaking in water to prepare it. It is not necessary to boil the pasta. Hot tap water works just fine. After the soak, toss it with whatever meats, like vegetables, cheeses and other seasoning products that you have on hand.

Fruit Chaat is very simple to make. You just need some fresh seasonal fruits that are easy to access.  Cut them into small slices and mix them well. You can make it more delicious by adding some sauce and cream. 

Fruity Yogurt with Chocolate Chip and Nut Crunch is a delicious meal. Plain yogurt makes the perfect instant desserts. You just need some fruit and a crunchy nut topping and it will round off a meal perfectly.

. You can create a lot of great dishes without cooking from cold soups to pasta. You can make sandwich, burgers, dips, cold soups, pasta, salad and smoothies etc. without cooking. Find out some simple and easy to cook recipes that you can try without havi

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