Myth Buster: No Dairy For Diarrhea

We often come up with certain myths which have no scientific backings but yet we believe them. It is widely believed that during diarrhea in kids, they should not be fed with milk or any dairy products but truth is totally opposite to this. Doctors suggests that children recover faster when they are feed with their normal diets and most kids always take milk or dairy products in their daily intake. In fact one diarrhea care tips suggests that the beneficial bacteria in yogurt and fat in cheese speed intestinal heeling. Upon sighting the problem of diarrhea in kids, doctors advise mothers to continue breast feeding or milk formula for babies, as long as there is no complaint of vomiting.

1) What causes diarrhea:

Prevention is better than cure and also considered best diarrhea care tips. Let’s have a look to the factors which causes diarrhea and how they can be prevented. Anything from food to medication, along with stress we may feel, can cause diarrhea. Microscopic organisms like bacteria and virus are considered guilty of spreading diarrhea in kids and adults. Bacteria are part of everyday life and mostly we and bacteria live together peacefully but at times bacteria can wreak havoc on our digestive well-being. Raw meats, eggs, shellfish and unpasteurized milk are favorite breeding grounds for these microscopic organisms. To prevent diarrhea in kids and adults it is highly advisable to prevent food contamination. This diarrhea care tip ensures the prevention of diarrhea. Half cooked meat, poultry and eggs generally cause diarrhea in kids and adults. Frequently wash your hands and utensils. Viral infection can also cause diarrhea in kids and adults. Dangerous thing about virus is that they are highly contagious and can travel easily from unwashed hand to unwashed hand.

2) More electrolytes intake:

Intake of electrolytes is considered among best diarrhea care tips. More electrolytes you consume, faster you get better. In case of diarrhea in kids, one could find many electrolytes enriched supplements. pedialyte or kaolyte, or a similar commercially prepared electrolytes help kids recover faster from diarrhea.

3) Water, water and more water:

Diarrhea in kids and adults cause dehydration which could prove fatal. It is highly advisable to consume more water during diarrhea.

4) Consumption of oral rehydration salts:

Diarrhea at times can get very severe and in such cases the best diarrhea care tip would be to use oral rehydration salts. These rehydration salts do wonders to limit effects of diarrhea in kids and adults.

5) Take simple food:

According to diarrhea care tips it is highly beneficial to consume oil, spices and sugar free food. During diarrhea in kids yogurt, vegetables and fresh fruits are highly recommended.

6) Don’t try to be your own doctor:

If it’s you or your kid who is complaining with diarrhea, the most important of diarrhea care tips strongly prohibit you to become your own or your kids doctor. Taking or giving medication to your kid without recommendation of your doctor can cause further implications.

7) Time to rush to the hospital :

Once you tried most of the diarrhea care tips and still you or your kid not recovering then its time rush to the hospital. If you feel symptoms like extreme dehydration like dry mouth and tongue, dark or infrequent urination, dizziness, fever above 101 degrees and severe abdominal pain then abandon all of diarrhea care tips you carrying out and see your doctor on urgent bases. in case of diarrhea in kids, lack of years when baby is crying or no wet diapers for more than three hours, or fever above 100.4 degrees then it’s time to rush your kid to doctor.

There are certain myths regarding use of milk and diarrhea. It is considered that milk worsens the condition of diarrhea but research shows, milk actually helps curing diarrhea. There are diarrhea safety tips which could help you during diarrhea.

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