Mothers and their kids in Ramadan

In the blessed month of Ramadan, you know perfectly well that it is going to get very hard for all you mothers out there to cope up with a changing routine along with your children. Waking up earlier for Sahoor preparations, putting your children to bed and then getting them to wake up to go to school, finding time for prayers and Ibadat and house chores, and preparing for Iftari while the children come back could be pretty exhausting.

Not to mention your inability to spend that extra leisure time with your children and family. This Ramadan, you can make your routine easier by taking things one at a time and involving your family with it. Here is how you can have fun with your children and cope up with the busy Ramadan routine:

Ramadan is a month that excites all Muslims. It is a month of sharing, blessings and forgiveness. Get your family to spend time with you by dining together both at Sahoor as well as at Iftar. Remind them of the good deeds you can do in this month. Children look up to their parents and they will definitely follow your footsteps. Get them to wake up with you at Sahoor and Dine with you at Iftar.


You can use your leisure time to do a fun activity with your children. Give them a role play for them to explore which is related to Ramadan or the teachings of Islam. Afterwards you can hear the incident or the character that you asked them to play just so they remember. Have informative and productive competitions amongst your children, kind of like a word quiz or a question answer session. This will enhance your child’s knowledge about Islam in a productive and fun way.

Keep a Ramadan journal for children in which they can mark all the good deeds they did and all the mistakenly bad ones they might have done. They might enjoy the healthy competition amongst each other and will learn right from wrong as well.


You can also ask them to pray along with you. Take them for Tarawih so that they learn the rules and regulations for prayers. Children will enjoy going to Masjid with you and learning about the old history of Islam.

The best way to get your children to get involved is if you read them children’s stories about Ramadan and Islam. It builds interest in a child’s mind and establishes a bond between you and the kids as well. Be open to all their queries and answer them with references to the verses of the Holy Quran.

Involve your children to prepare for Eid celebrations. Encourage them to make decorations and help you out in the shopping. Be open to ideas and listen to them. Make this month of Ramadan happening for both your children and your family. We wish you a very happy and blessed month of Ramadan!

Manage time and have fun with you children this Ramadan by following these easy routines that are both productive and informative for them.

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