Mom’s Saliva Can Strengthen Babies Immune Systems

A mother gives her babies her milk, but what about her saliva? If you are outside of home when your kid drops his pacifier and there is not a place to clean it nearby, pick it, suck on it a bit and hand it back to your baby. Cleaning a recently dropped pacifier with your saliva means you put it in your mouth before inserting it back into your baby.

If you suck your child’s pacifier to clean it, there is no need to be embarrassed. You may be actually helping your kid avoid eczema and asthma. It may actually help in strengthening your child’s immune system and keep him away from developing certain allergies. A study indicates that when parents clean pacifiers in this way their children will significantly be less likely to develop eczema which is the most common early form of allergy.

No one can protect and take care of a child except her mother. Mother always tries to take care of her children by all possible means. There are many such tasks that you never did before but you have to do these tasks just for your kids. It is often observed that mothers boil pacifiers to kill the germs in order to keep her children away from diseases.

But isn’t it better to suck on your baby’s pacifier? It is easy to do and best way to protect your baby from germs that also keeps your baby’s immune system strong. This has also been proved by researches.

A research showed that babies whose parents had put the pacifier in their own mouths to clean it had a different microbe soup than those whose parents had either rinsed the pacifiers under water or boiled it. It was also indicated that children whose parents sucks their baby’s pacifier have one-third the risk of developing eczema compared to those children whose parents use a different cleaning method.

Harmless bacteria from mother’s saliva strengthen a baby’s immune system which in turn helps protect them against allergies. The study shows that allergies such as eczema, asthma and food allergies where produced in babies whose parents cleaned their pacifier with saliva.

When parents clean pacifier with saliva, they are introducing gut microflora which is a microscopic organism mostly bacteria that live in the digestive tract. If infants have diverse microflora in their guts, then children will have fewer allergies and less eczema. So when parents suck on the pacifier, they are transferring microflora to their kids.

Research has shown that babies need to be exposed to a wide variety of bacteria, viruses and other organisms to help their immune systems develop and mature properly. If this does not happen early then the baby’s immune system tends to overreact to harmless particles. Sucking on baby’s pacifier may end up giving babies just the right kind of good germs to better equip them to battle against the more dangerous germs.

Isn't it amazing that saliva of a mother can stimulate the immune system of a baby? No one can protect the baby in a better way except the mother. So boost your baby's immune system and protect him from harmful germs through your saliva.

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