Milk Showdown: Cow vs. Sheep vs. Goat – Which is best?

I am sure many of you besides me are looking for the answer to milk showdown: cow vs. sheep vs. goat – which is best? But after a detailed research I found out that every type of milk has its own pros and cons, and you cannot label anyone as all-in-all the best milk for every purpose.

Though goat and sheep’s milk are easier to digest and have got less fat content, but they are not as much easily available as cow’s milk, plus they don’t give the benefit of making lots of cream and butter for your mouth-watering desserts.

Let’s have a closer analysis of milk showdown: cow vs. sheep vs. goat – which is best?


Cow’s milk is considered best, when it comes to vitamin D. Yes, cow’s milk contains more vitamin D content then goat or sheep’s milk, hence helping in milk showdown: cow vs. sheep vs. goat – which is best? According to latest studies, improved bone health has been confirmed in adults who regularly consume cow’s milk, and there is a decreased risk of bone fracture in toddlers and children with a regular intake of cow’s milk due to its rich vitamin D contents.

Moreover, after boiling the cow’s milk, the cream gets separated from milk, which is further used for making oh-so-scrumptious desserts, that we love eating, and butter. With a single cow, we can enjoy 12 to 20 gallons of milk in a day, which makes cow’s milk easily available to masses as compared to goat and sheep.

Ok, let’s look at some of the difficulties that cow’s milk brings with it. The biggest seems to be is its less-friendliness to digestion! Yes, cow’s milk due to its higher quantity of fat globules, is a bit difficult to digest. Especially if you have lower lactose tolerance, you will not be able to digest it properly and hence may become a cause of allergy. According to a research, cow’s milk is the 3rd most common allergy in children.;


Goat’s milk is best in terms of vitamin content. It has more vitamin A, K, E and B6 as compared to cow or sheep’s milk. In addition to being super healthy, goat’s milk is light and easier to digest by infants, who are allergic to cow’s milk. In a recent research 93% of kids, who were allergic to cow’s milk, were able to drink goat’s milk with no sign of reaction. Although goat’s milk has got a goaty, musky smell, and some people don’t like its smell, but this milk can make great cheeses with a slightly mineral flavor.


A sheep’s milk is the most difficult milk to obtain as sheep is not considered a human-friendly animal. It is the most difficult task to milk the sheep, because a frightened sheep would not produce more quantity of milk and hence it is difficult to determine Milk Showdown: Cow vs. Sheep vs. Goat – Which is best?. But a sheep’s milk contains twice the goodness of cow’s milk. It has higher contents of Proteins, Carbs, Fats, vitamin C and B12, Folate, Calcium and Magnesium then cow and goat’s milk. Sheep’s milk has got the creamiest taste, but will not give you separate cream and butter like miss cow!

Sheep’s milk like goat’s milk is very easy to digest and have got a very rich taste liked by everyone. Sheep’s milk is mostly known for making world class high quality cheeses. Greek Feta cheese is also made from sheep’s milk.

Although sheep produces very less quantity of milk, but we can actually make more amount of cheese with that milk as compared to cow or goat’s milk, because sheep’s milk contains very less amount of water, and can be easily made into cheese without much wastage. You might be thinking sheep’s milk is the answer to milk showdown: cow vs. sheep vs. goat – which is best? But no!

In conclusion to our milk showdown: cow vs. sheep vs. goat – which is best? Every type of milk has some quality over the other, and a good healthy choice would be to use all three of them for different purposes and not stick to anyone among the three.

In my research to Milk Showdown: Cow vs. Sheep vs. Goat – Which is best? I couldn’t come across any definite answer for the best milk. It all depends on personal choice.

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