Milk is Essential for a Woman

Women need healthy bones because at some point in their life they have to go through the process of child birth which makes their bones weak. Girls throughout their life should take adequate amount of milk and dairy products so that the bones become strong and healthy. Milk protects the ladies from diseases that are related to brittle bone disorder later in life. Woman’s health is very important for everyone in the house, because the woman takes after everyone in the house.

Milk doesn’t just make the bones strong and is beneficial for women’s health but also beauty of a lady, milk forms a protective layer on the enamel surface which prevents loss of calcium and phosphate from the enamel when the teeth are exposed to acids in the mouth, so the teeth remains bright and beautiful.

Milk is one of the filling drinks that is safe to have between meals except for water, milk doesn’t cause tooth decay and doesn’t even increases weight. Adequate amount of milk as well as dairy products helps decrease blood pressure that is a very common disease that is a threat to women’s health. A woman worries about all the major as well as minor issues of her life and it is important that she takes care of her health by taking a balanced diet which has the right quantity of milk in it.

It was a misconception that milk is causes of heat diseases rather the fact is that recent researches show that people who consume maximum milk tend to have fewer heart diseases and lower risk of heart attacks.

Milk can be a part of a calorie controlled diet; it associated with increased weight loss, particularly from the abdomen. So this is good news for the health conscious women, now they should add the adequate amount of milk in their diet even if they are trying to lose weight.

Milk is the fluid that provides the right amount of hydration that leave the body of a woman healthy and the skin also looks fresh and healthy. Milk contributes to the requirement of the 6-8 cups of fluid each day.

The ladies need to be health conscious and they have to have the adequate quantity of milk for healthier bones, healthier teeth and healthier heart.

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