Migraine Diet: Eating Right

Migraine is a severe headache caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. People suffering from migraine often complain of extreme pain in one part of head. You can reduce the chances of having migraine by eating healthy. Only little change in lifestyle can help you get rid of this severe headache. There are certain foods that are responsible for migraine i.e. up to 30%. 

Food items that are the cause of migraine and disrupting your life include:


Chocolate is a migraine trigger. Question yourself if you get migraine attack after eating chocolate. According to some neurologists, the element like amino acid tyramine in chocolate is the main cause of migraine. The culprit is not just this ingredient, but the amount of chocolate you consume is also an issue. If you can’t resist eating chocolate then reduce its consumption. Satisfying amount of chocolate will not trigger migraine.


The beverages which contain caffeine may set off migraine. Both over-consumption or low-consumption of caffeine can trigger migraine. If you are consuming a large number of caffeinated foods then you must reduce it. It may help in lowering your migraine.


Tyramine is an amino acid that has been identified as the main cause of migraine. Amino acid becomes the reason of migraine by reducing serotonin levels in brain and also affecting the dilation of blood vessels. The foods which contain tyramine are: aged cheese, red wine, chocolates, nuts, pork, avocados, alcoholic beverages and some processed meat.

Diet soda:

Diet soda, snacks and low calorie treat contain artificial flavors and sugar. This artificial sugar is the substitute of natural which has close link with migraine. It is usually common in those people who consume diet sodas, snacks and such foods on daily basis over long period of time.


Onion is the most common used vegetable in cooking which always brings tears in eyes at the time of cutting. But the tears in your eyes at the time of migraine are caused by eating onion too. Onion also contains tyramine which is the main culprit of migraine.

Processed meat:

Processed meat also cause migraine. Meat in hot dogs, salami, sausage, bacon and many other junk food contains tyramine. Such food items also contain the preservatives like sodium nitrate which is thought to be the cause of migraine. 

Red wine:

Red wine and alcoholic beverages are also culprits. As I have mentioned above, these also contain tyramine amino acid. 

Skipping meal:

Besides all above mentioned foods, skipping any meal can also become the cause of migraine. To stay hungry for long time or fasting causes dips in blood sugar which may set off migraine. So don’t skip any meal and eat on the right time if you want to keep your migraine at bay.

Migraine is the severe type of headache that goes out of control with a tendency to disrupt your life. Worrying, however, is the last thing that is going to help you. New researchers have found that migraine can be control by eating right food.

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