Make your kids work at home!

School going children often make you feel like you are back to school. Stationary shopping, getting lunch boxes ready and helping them pack their schools bags. And not to forget waking up early morning to get you children ready for school. On the flip side it is one of the most beautiful stages in your child’s life, this is when they spend the most of their time with you. Later on you will often get to hear mum dad I’m out with friends I’ll be home late. Cherish this stage as much you can and invest as much as you can on your child’s emotional and academic development. 

Children schooling is not that difficult maybe you are slightly out of practice because your schools days seem ancient now but there are a lot of simple steps that can help you. Homework can be the most boring part of your child’s day but you can make it a little fun by introducing homework snack. It is necessary that a child should have a proper meal before starting their homework. Include an incentive to their homework as well, maybe a chocolate bar once they are done with homework or an hour to play video games. Try and create an environment for them to do their homework, you can make them sit in the garden with you while you have your cup of coffee.

There are a lot of chores that need to be done; if you are cooking then make them sit on the kitchen counter but pay attention to them at the same time. Kid’s schooling is also a great time for you to communicate with your child, give those values and teach them all the necessary things. Their homework requires a lot of attention; you have to cope with what they are doing in school. A child’s progress is not only supposed to be academic but also emotional. Taking time out for their homework will have a good impression on your children as well as on their development.

Pointers and essentials on making sure that your children are doing their homework and that they’re doing it right!

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