Kitchen blended with Family Room

Eldon Wong has brought together a flawlessly blended family room kitchen in his style of New York homes. Instead of a traditional household cooking stuff kitchen, his room brings together an all-purpose room where you can sit watch television, relax as well as enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or any of your snacks with just a few foot distance.

It’s a space around the house that is multifunctional and can be utilized all around the clock by all family members. A pair of architect’s drafting tables found at a thrift store and modified with glass on top, now serve as an island. The vintage cake plates and Carrara marble accessories are from Eldon Wong and Kevin Flanigan’s personal collection.

David Kleinberg has put together his collective items all designed to treat a family room blended together with a kitchen in a pool house on Long Island. This designer has made the interior of the room look like a continuous seating place with a kitchen in the corner end. It offers a help yourself service offering all sorts of comfort 24/7. With the fireplace at one end, tall 22 foot ceilings and the bedroom just behind this kitchen, the room feels so cozy for the entire family to fit in.

Another outstanding blended kitchen family room was the one designed by Architect Ken Pursley, whereby the entire exterior porch has been converted into a well worth kitchen in a house in North Carolina. The architect believes that kitchens should be open from at least two ways so that they flow into the circular flow of the house.

The Ridgewood, New Jersey kitchen designed by Nicole Hough, she has brought together all the modern conveniences in combined with a handy set of kitchen tools in a family friendly room that oozes originality as well as organization of character. It merely describes the room as being one of the most simple yet sophisticated in nature so as to give that elegance feel while you are in the room.

Megan Rice however has taken one step further in her designing and come up with a cozy comfortable gathering room in her house in Sun Valley house in Idaho whereby she has brought together not just the everyday conveniences but also those that are very close to everyone in the family and their sentiments.

Her mother in law’s greatly attached chair gifts are places just in the centre in her memory and to rekindle her husband’s childhood memories. The blue linen slipcovers make them kid friendly as well. The table from Charles & Charles and Pindler and Pinder’s Tyrone Irish styling has also been carried out.

Kim Dempster and Erin Martin have generated the idea of having a blackboard in their kitchen blended family room so that it is easy to jot down reminders such as lists of groceries to get, inspirational quotations for everyone to see and remember and have brought up a very ceramic type feel to this family room and the open kitchen by adding Subway tiles to the room from Health Ceramics. 

Some people are not as organized and sophisticated. They enjoy the mess in their house and appreciate imperfections. Such type of a New York home kitchen gives the field of a command central designed by Robin Bell. The marble from Carrara and maple butcher block countertops give a very antique but simple look. They absorb the wear and tear as time goes by so as to confer imperfections by letting them stay and then ringing around to the family so that it can be treasured by them.

Others believe in a bright interesting kitchen blended family room where the whole family is brought together by interest to spend a lot of quality time in this room. Nancy Boszhardt has given this feel by adding light sand color paint to the cabinets of the kitchen and the large island table painted midnight blue. Radoslav Opacic has designed the hood for this Westchester, New York kitchen leaving the countertops in Gold limestone slab.

Everyone enjoys a cozy comfortable family room blended with everyday conveniences such as kitchen handy tools and utensils with snacks just around the corner so as to maintain a bond as strong as a united family altogether.

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