Kids Room Decoration Ideas

Kid’s room décor guides are available in the markets to give parents a few ideas on how to decorate their child’s room. Children can be very moody at times and it’s difficult to determine their likes and dislikes. Here are a few general guidelines for kid’s room décor:

  • Children are afraid of the dark, especially when it is time to switch off the lights at night. Use glow in the dark stencils on the roof by arranging stars and a moon, or use glow in the dark sceneries on the wall with some night lights to tempt the children to turn off the lights and go to bed.

  • Children want their things easily accessible. Make sure that the closets and bookshelves are arranged at your child’s height so he or she can easily use things as well as stay organized when it comes to room cleaning. It’s better to have a small stool in your kids room if they can’t reach a closet or bookshelf.

  • Kids love paint. Use non toxin paint and allow them to paint a portion of the wall. You can also get chalkboard paint and let your kids try new ideas and strokes on the wall. Peel and stick paper is available at stores. You can cut this paper in any shape you want, peel the sticker from behind and stick it on the wall.

  • Kids like to see how tall they are growing. Growth charts are an integral part of kids rooms. Another way of monitoring growth is taking your kids palm print on the wall every month. The size of the hand will determine the growth of your kid.

  • Kids love animals. To have a picture of an animal up the wall will encourage their love for animals and show kindness towards them. Animal stuff toys are also liked my many kids.

  • Games for boys and doll houses for girls require place in the kid’s room. Kids need entertainment and play to refresh their mind from the strenuous work related activities. A small play area in the corner of the room keeps them tempted and driven during home work.

  • Extra lights should be a part of your kid’s room. The study table should have an extra lamp so the eyes are not strained while reading. A lamp on the side table will help your kid find the bathroom at night.

  • Kid’s room décor can range from shades of pink to blue, purple, beige or vintage. Kids love pastel colors, shades of green and yellow all make them good.

  • The furniture in your kid’s room should be child friendly. Kid’s room décor guide helps you find furniture which is suitable for children. Children love bunk beds and enjoy going up and down before sleeping. Bunk beds also give you extra space which can be utilized as storage. Drawers under the stairs are a good idea to encourage your kid to organize their things on their own.

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, kid’s room décor is as challenging for parents as to convince their child to eat healthy food.

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