Is Your Kid Spending Too Much Time Online?

Maybe it’s easier to look this way: does your child have fun when he’s not around computer and internet? If you are unsure, start observing his computing habits and behavior.

All kids have a problem when they are asked to shutdown the computer. At that moment, Instant Messaging with friends and facebook seems very important. If your child is a game addict, he will surely not turn off the computer.

You need to pay attention to how your child behaves when the computer is taken away from him. If he becomes moody, Sullen and unsociable and he’s perfectly fine when he’s back online. It’s time to enforce some rules on your child.

Here are some ways to keep a check on your child spending lot of time online:

Set Time Limits

If you want your child to spend less time on the internet, limit the time when they use computer. Give your child 30 minutes to an hour of daily computer time. If he needs to research for a project, then he may have more time, as needed.

Encourage Other Social Activities

Convince your child to get away from computer screen and encourage them to explore other interests and hobbies such as sports or arts. This way you can stop his going online addiction.

Electronic Curfew

Discourage your child for staying up too late at night. Tell them to stay away from internet after 9 p.m. and if they are not able to finish up their homework till 9 p.m. punish them little. Don’t let them use internet for next two days.

Keep It Public

Don’t keep computer in their rooms. Kids should use internet in the lounge or in a dining room. If its behind closed doors, then there are chances that they are more likely to visit any harmful website which you obviously don’t want.

Parental Controls

There are many software which you can use to restrict your child’s internet usage. These software can help you set up a list of websites which you don’t want your child to access and you can check the browser history when your child turns off the computer.

Explain Them Your Concern About Safety and Values

Tell them to stay away from any illegal website and chat rooms when they are online. As there are adult content online and they are not allowed to see them.

Get Help from any authority figure

Your child may be rebellious when you restrict his internet usage. But if any authority figure like their teacher or a doctor explains the same thing to them, they might listen.

If kids spend a significant amount of time online, you may want to know whether they are addicted or just enjoy being online?

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