Is Technology ruining families?

While technology has made our lives easier in one way, it has started to ruin it the other way. Ever thought of it? Just Take out a minute and think… what would you prefer a mildly inconvenient blissful life or an easy, ruined life?

However, we cannot neglect the fact that technology is not going anywhere just like globalization and we cannot even stop its expansion and progress across the globe. Therefore, we need to be very careful while using these technologies that surround us. We need to be vigilant and proceed with the utmost of caution before it’s too late and our phones and our computers will completely take over our lives.

Televisions, smart phones, tablets and computers, we all use these gadgets, in fact we are so addicted to them we carry them with us all the time. We use them all and so do our kids. While these devices might make life convenient, it is really important for us to be plugged in all the time. Form Twitter to Facebook and Instagram to snap chat, not only kids but parents of today are online on these portals all the time and it has become a necessity to keep their profiles up to date. But what we neglect is that is it good for us to be constantly plugged in? What exactly are we missing life and how will it affect our kids later in life? NO! Most of us don’t even have the tinniest bit of an idea that how adversely it is affecting our family lives.

Family dynamics have been challenging since technology has emerged. Today’s communication has turned into something like this, “LMAO, ROFL, LOL, BFF, TTYL, FYI, OMG!” and so on, and it’s just not the teenagers this is travelling among all the age groups from old age parents to the toddlers.

Technology is making us isolated, especially families who are together but not exactly together, they are alone, because even if they sit together, they do not bother communicating with each other instead they prefer to watch TV, or post on social media websites. This is creating a communication gap between parents, sibling and kids.

Parents do not usually have time to listen to what their children has to say just because they are too busy checking their emails or text messages on phone. This makes kids react in violent ways. When kids do not get proper response from their parents they get more agitated and frustrated and as a result they get depressed and fall pray of other ills like narcotics etc. This has ruined numerous numbers of families.

This also gives rise to conflicts as spaces increase between families and so does the communication gap. Children find other ways to grab attention which could be harmful as well. They talk to outsiders who might give those wrong directions or suggestion, because no one is more sincere to you than your family members.

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Social media websites arouse jealousy among partners and this has resulted in many breakups and divorces just because there was either a miscommunication among the couple or a misunderstanding. It does not only affect them but their family and kids as well and most people do not even acknowledge it that technology is the main reason behind it. It also intervenes in your family privacy and can enable people use it against you.

Kids need their parents more than anything and parents these days are using as much technology as teenagers do. When they get time to get relaxed instead of getting some good fresh air or walk they takeout their phones and start using them which makes their mind more tired. If you would not stop using these things how would you stop your kids from doing the same? You never know what your kids are doing online. Kids are more venerable online than anywhere else.

Technology is as dangerous as it is beneficial for us and it should be used with enormous care. Especially we should try our best to use it just in time of emergency or when badly needed and try to keep our kids far from it as much as possible.

Technology being the advance form of giving us the comfort zone has both negative and positive impact.

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