Is Poor Economy to Blame for Rise in Diaper Rash?

Kids health care or to be more precise, kids skin care issues specifically in the scenario of Pakistani health care are no doubt a main outcome of poor economy. There is a rapid population growth rate while the finances and resources to meet the requirements are very less. Consequently, kids health care, necessarily kids skin care is neglected to a large extent as the parents can’t afford the expensive diapers. The growth rate seen in the sales of diaper rash creams is a direct proof.

According to a statistical survey report, the sales of baby diapers decreased to 9% during the course of last two years in America. America’s deteriorating economy is blamed against these figures. When comes to Pakistani health care, the sales of baby diapers are incomparable to that in America, as we are suffering from even the worst economic conditions. The direct victim of this poor economy are the little kids skin care.

Following are the main reasons for the fall in diapers sales and deteriorating kids health care evident in the shape of increase in diaper rashes!

Low Quality Diapers Available At Low Prices:

To meet the demand of inexpensive diapers, diaper manufacturers have reduced the quality to a large extent. The cheaper diapers are sure to cause allergies and diaper rashes when discuss the kids skin care issues. In the context of Pakistani health care, most of the parents find it difficult to afford quality products at outrageous prices and have to compromise on their kids health care.

Parents Change Diapers Less Often To Save Money:

In the Pakistani health care back ground, parents are seen changing diapers less often in order to save money. Again, the victim of these unhygienic choices is the kids skin care. The rashed poor little heinies indicate the poor economy of the country.

Reusable Diapers and Nappy Cloth:

Many parents who cannot afford diapers use nappy cloth and reusable diapers against disposable baby diapers. This is a major cause of increasing kids health care issues as the cloth is not absorbent enough to keep the skin dry. Increasing kids skin care problems are what they have to bear afterwards. Whom would you crown for these Pakistani health care problems if not the poor economy?

Parental Negligence In Maintaining Hygienic Conditions:

This is perhaps the only factor which is not relevant to the poor economy rather the lack of hygiene awareness. When comes to Pakistani health care maintenance issue, many parents are to be blamed for their negligence in maintaining the hygiene while handling the kids skin care. Diaper rashes may occur because of the unhygienic sanitary conditions yet this is just a fractional factor. The actual culprit still is the poor economy as it pushes the parents to go for cheaper sanitary mediums for their babies putting aside the kids skin care problems sprouting as the consequence.

The factors contributing the rise in diaper rash are evident that the decrease in the diapers sales and increase in diaper rash ointments are the fruit of poor economy and nothing else!

A remarkable decrease in diapers sales as well as an increment in the kids skin care and diaper rash ointments’ sale indicates that poor economy is the real culprit behind the rise in diaper rash!

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