Is Fish Okay for Babies?

Although there are suggestions that fish should not be fed until or after 3 years of age however certain other recommendations insist that fish could be started when a baby crosses year 1 of age or even 8,9-10 months old age is perfectly safe. No doubt there are some fish like Shellfish and Crustaceans though, which should not be introduced to child until around first 3 years of age since they can be a cause of certain fatal allergies to kid’s health.

While introducing fish to the kid’s diet, it is mandatory to choose only one of the "white flesh" types of fish. The good examples of such fish are Flounder, Haddock, and Cod and sole those are deemed as a safe solid food to initiate.

A Second highly compulsory thing is to remove all the bones and prickles from the fish before adding to kid’s diet. Also keep the fact in mind that certain fish may contain minute bones so extra efforts should be made to de-bone the fish.

Coming towards the nutrition that a fish carries and how much it effects on kid health, there should be no doubt that this is  highly nutritious food and strongly recommended to consume fish twice a week not only for adults but for kids as well. Reason is that fish carries all nine amino-acids, huge amounts of protein that are low in "ill" fats and contain Essential fatty acid (EFA’s), Omega-3 fatty acids which are real needed by the human body. These essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are unfortunately absent in any other protein source like meat or plants.

These EFA’s present in fish or fish oil products help combat against both physical and mental diseases and Omega-3’s can help get rid of ADHD or eczema and other skin ailments. Best source for getting EFA’s is direct from fish however if consuming a fish directly is not favourite then fish oil supplements are the second best source of getting Essential Fatty acids.

Taking considerable amount of edible fish in kid’s health can provide of a number of health benefits which are as follows:

  1. Improve Vision: No doubt vision and sight of not only infants but also adults enhances when fish is a routine of kid’s diets.
  2. Increase Immunity: The Fatty Acids that are present in fish are absolute source of strengthening and increasing immunity and power to fight against diseases as compared to those infants that only rely on plain formula or cow’s milk.
  3. Eczema prevention: Giving salmon or chunk-light tuna fish to babies before 9 months undoubtedly enhances the protection from different allergic skin ailments.
  4. Smarter & Happier Baby: Research has shown that moms who ate Omega-3 supplements during pregnancy and lactations increased the psychological abilities at 4 years of age. Not only had this but Omega 3 supplements showed improvement in reading and learning spelling, according to another study. Furthermore the women who take Omega-3, their moods do not decline or face a depression during pregnancy as Omega-3 increase happy hormones.

Summing up, it can be said that fish plays a vital role in the healthy upbringing of children and infants and essential in kid’s health care.

Mostly, parents always become worried and confused that when to add fish in kid's diet and how much it plays a role in kids health.

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