Why You Should Invest in a Mattress Topper this Winter

Mattress toppers offer more than just an extra layer between you and your mattress, they improve the bed you already have. It protects you from your mattress, and your mattress from you. 

They can also regulate your body temperature, breathe new life into old mattresses, offer a comfier night’s sleep, and help alleviate joint and back pain. In this article, we will explore the different types, and why you should invest in a mattress topper this winter.


The majority of mattress toppers provide some level of protection, the level of protection depends on the type of topper you buy. But on the whole, most protect to the desired level.

But why do you need protection from your mattress?

Mattresses are known to harbour lots and lots of germs. If you’ve ever been sick, sweated in bed, or just naturally perspire as you sleep – the bacteria goes through your sheets and settles on the mattress. Moisture-resistant, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic mattress toppers are perfect for protecting your mattress. Make sure you choose one which is machine and tumble dryer friendly!

Mattress TopperTemperature Regulation

Some specialist mattress toppers can offer temperature regulation, like the Sealy Select Response Mattress Topper. Their intelligent design naturally responds to your bodies temperature, allowing you to wake up feeling balanced and refreshed. Temperature regulation mattress toppers also provide great comfort and support for your body. Their deep layers support warmth and airflow, all at the same time!   

Transform Your Old Mattress

If your mattress is looking a little bit worse for wear, but its not quite time to invest in a brand-new mattress, then a supreme mattress topper can transform your bed into a like-new feel. Supreme mattress toppers are usually thick, and come equipped with a deep side skirt to totally immerse your old mattress. They can prolong your mattresses life by a number of years, and transform it almost into a new mattress!


Mattress toppers can greatly improve the comfort of your mattress. If you find your mattress uncomfortable, but don’t want to invest in a new mattress, then look for a topper aimed at improving comfort. There are a variety of materials to choose from; including memory foam, hollowfibre and latex. It is important you understand how these materials feel, so you can find the right topper which promotes extra comfort. A memory foam mattress topper moulds to the curves of your body, and provides extreme comfort – however this material is not for everyone!

Alleviate Joint and Back Pain

If you sleep on a too firm or too soft mattress, then a mattress topper designed to alleviate joint and back pain, will do just that. Your spine has a slight natural curvature, and the best way to relieve pressure is to allow the spine to fall into its natural alignment. A mattress topper can help reduce back pain, by providing pressure-relieving cushioning in the hip and shoulder area, whilst still providing enough support so the body doesn’t sag. Depending on your current mattress, depends which type of mattress topper you need to buy. If you are looking to buy a premium topper, then its shape and structure should adapt to your bed to provide the ultimate sleeping position. 

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