Interesting Stories About Santa Claus On Christmas

Santa Claus stories are told to children by parents at bed time. Christmas stories are a ritual in the month of December and are shared with children and loved ones along with Christmas carols and hymns. Santa Claus stories vary from country to country but he represents peace in all cultures. Santa is a heavy weighed jolly man with a long white beard and moustache. He wears a red hat and a red coat with white fur on the edges. He also wears small eye glasses since he is old and has a weak vision. Santa wears socks and Santa socks are hanged in houses near the fireplace during Christmas festivities. He visits children with a bag full of presents.

One of the most popular Santa Claus traditions is that Santa comes on the eve of Christmas at night time when the kids are sleeping. Santa rides on a reindeer sleigh and comes from the moon or heavens with a bag full of Christmas presents. Santa enters the house through the chimney and places gifts around the Christmas tree set up in the living room by children. Other fairy tale characters such as fairies and elves are associated with the coming of Santa and kids believe that these characters travel with Santa and help him in gifts distribution. Children place milk and cookies near the fireplace for Santa. In other cultures, porridge is prepared for Santa. Kids also leave a carrot for Santa’s reindeer and hay for Santa’s horse in the Santa socks hanged near the fireplace. If the carrot is wilted, Santa leaves coal in the socks instead of sweets.

In other traditions, Santa Claus bangs the front door at midnight and leaves a bag full of Christmas presents on the front door. The bag is full of candy and sweets for little children. Parents throw candy and sweets in the room from above to make their children feel excited about Christmas.

Christmas stories are widely associated with snow fall and the arrival of Santa when the clock hits midnight. Parents also tell tales of who Santa really was and how the legend came into being. Santa was an orphan boy who went by the name of Claus. His parents died and he used to carve wood and make toys out of it. During Christmas, he made toys out of wood for hundreds of children as Christmas presents. He married Anna who entered his life when she was driving a sleigh with the reindeer Dasher in front.

Children find it difficult to sleep on Christmas Eve when they are expecting Santa to visit them from heavens on his sleigh. Children are seen peeping out of their windows, looking up the chimney, and unlocking doors so Santa can easily enter the house. They sing songs “Rudolf the red nose reindeer”, and “Santa Claus is coming to town” to welcome the arrival of Santa. Parents sign the gifts and place them under the Christmas tree with the label “gift from Santa” written on them.

When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is Santa Claus and the arrival of gifts with him. Santa Claus is associated with Christmas stories, Christmas presents and happy memories.

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