9 Important Benefits of Chewing Your Food

Food is a necessary part of living. One cannot survive without having a proper meal. All of us struggle and earn money to fulfill our daily needs. And meal is our basic living need.

When we sit to eat. One must chew it meal proper. As in our childhood when we sit for dinner our parents and grandparents are always guide us to eat food slowly and properly.

Somewhere deep down in our mind we all know that it is right and good for our health. But now in this era where everyone seems busy, we take this simple habit for granted. Proper chewing helps get our food from point A to our mouth, our mouth to point B and B to our Digestive system.

Chewing your food 32 times will help to keep your body healthy and you will avoid many diseases.  So one must need to chew his food properly. Here we are listed down some benefits of chewing your food properly. So by reading it, one must know the positive points of chewing and may start chewing food properly.

Chewing makes you more smarter:

Yes it’s true, if you chew your food properly, it will make you more smarter. Because when you chew your food properly it increases the blood flowing to the mind and stimulating it. This leads to the better development of intelligence in child and make your memory strong.

You stay skinny: By chewing your food properly you also stay skinny. When you chew food you eat less. As compare to inhaling food, because when you inhale food your mind doesn’t receive any signal of being full and you eat more.

You enjoy your meal: When you chew your food you get to know the real taste of your food as compare when you inhale food you just have no time to eat it. And when you analyze your taste you get to know that what type of food you like.

Healthy teeth: When we chew food, it produces saliva and saliva helps in washing away the food debris and bacteria from our mouth. And because of that we did not get cavities and our teeth remain cavity free.

Improve digestive system: When we start eating food our mouth send a signal to the mind that what type of food we are eating and then our mind send some enzymes to our mouth for digestion. When we chew food properly it breaks food into small pieces and it became easy for enzymes to digest them.

Helps you to stay active: After taking a proper meal most of us start feeling sleepy. And we consider it a normal thing. But it is not. The one of many reasons of feeling sleepy after meal is not chewing your food properly. Every one of us complaining having no energy all day and start taking coffee and other energy drinks but when we chew our food properly our mind gets the signal that we are full and it keeps us energetic as compare to inhaling food. When we inhale food our mind didn’t get any signal either we are full or not and our body start feeling less active.

You absorb more nutrients: When one chew food properly it breaks into pieces so it becomes easy for stomach to digest it well. When stomach digest it well. We don’t feel the need of excess food because our stomach already absorbs enough nutrients from that meal.

Reduce esophageal pain: Esophageal is a thin tube that connects mouth with stomach. So when you chew your food properly it travels easily from esophageal toward stomach. But when you don’t chew your food properly the big particles of food may stuck in the esophageal that leads to throat pain or any other serious issue like esophagus.

Prevent bacterial digestion: When one chews their food properly it produces saliva. And saliva can kill some bacteria that naturally occur in some foods which may be harmful for stomach. When you chew food properly it gives time to saliva to destroy some of those bacteria’s. And less harmful bacteria will go to your stomach.

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