Ideological Parenting: Escaping The Judgment Cult

Everyone has to go through the parenting stage one day in the future. Kids bring happiness to everyone with their cute smiles and naughtiness; you may face trouble when the cute naughtiness becomes troublesome. Many parents think that feeding kids with non-logical consequences on their bad behavior is part of ideological parenting. In other words injecting fear in the minds of kids using statements away which have no connection to reality. Let me explain this factor with some parenting tips in aneasier way to make you understand about ideological parenting.

First thing which I am going to tell you is fear cult. Some parents follow the parenting tips of their parents in inducing fear of punishment from God for doing wrong things. Our parents may have not taught us ideological parenting or the right parenting tips. We have to find some better parenting tips for ideological parenting. By inducing fear of God punishing the kids on their bad behaviors is not the right thing to do. Why? Because it may result in kids actually fearing the God rather than taking more interest in the religion and also will try to avoid the religion.

Ideological parenting suggests that parents should teach their children about not to do certain things or avoid certain behaviors in a logical way and explaining them fact by fact the reality instead of using non-logical terms. I know it is not easy to make your parenting as good as ideological parenting but lying to your kids is not good either. 

Even if your child does misbehave, then from the point of view of ideological parenting you should lose your temper or beat your child. You have to be gentle with them because if your reaction to their bad behaviors is harsh or strict the child will become fearful and will start hiding things from you no matter if they broke a vase or had a fight with your neighbor’s kid. Now the question arises what are the right parenting tips to improve your own. Ideological parenting suggests the following parenting tips to deals with bad behaviors of your kids.

Parenting Tips for Bad Behavior:

  • One of the first and very most important tips of the ideal parenting tips is to stay calm and gentle if your child causes a problem. If you lose your temper and punish your child harshly on every mistake or misbehavior then either your child will become fearful or become a rebellion.

  • Another one of these parenting tips to try and find out why your child is behaving badly. Either he wants attention or there must be something bothering him. You have to deal with according to the situation.

  • Once finding out the problem, try to deal with calm and cool because this is how parenting tips suggest you to do.

  • After solving the issue, teach your kid to be honest and directly tell the problem. But in order to gain such results the parenting tips suggest that you should gain the trust of your child by just being gentle and becoming a good listener.

  • Ideal parenting tips also suggest one more thing which you should keep in mind that sometimes it is good to ignore the attention seeking behavior because if you did pay attention the your child will succeed and will continue this in the future is well.

  • Another one of ideal parenting tips which should be kept in mind that threatening your child won’t do any good at all. Teach them the right way to behave in a friendly and loving way which your child understands more. Brainwashing your child with fear will cause major problems in the future as well.

There are ways to deal with children’s bad behavior however many parents use a non-logical method for dealing with such behavior. Ideological parenting suggests that one should use logical methods to deal with the bad behaviors of their kids.

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