How to Welcome an Adopted Baby into the Family

Babies are great blessing of God whether they are born to you or adopted. You can give a warm atmosphere to adopted baby by welcoming him and introducing to everyone in family.

Babies are like the greatest blessing of God. They make the world around you shine and sparkle in all the best possible ways. May you have an adopted baby or he/she is born to you, the joy of having a baby at home is just unexplainable. But there are a few things which normally come up with the fact of having an adopted baby. It might occur that you and your spouse are perfectly comfortable with the idea of having an adopted baby but maybe your other family members like your other kids, parents or siblings might be apprehensive about the idea of having an adopted baby. Giving same love to your adopted baby is truly a heavenly act. Be smart when you take decision of telling the baby about his adoption.

Here are a few things that you can do to create a warm atmosphere in family for welcoming an adopted baby:

  • The Introduction

Once your adopted baby arrives at the house, introduce him/her to everyone whom you think he/she is going to meet the most. Make the other family members familiar to your adopted baby by establishing a communication process between the newly adopted baby and the other family members. Give some time and space to your family members in order to get acquainted with the adopted baby. Make them hold the baby, feed and play with the baby so that positive relationships with the adopted baby can be established. Most of all, ask your family members to baby sit the newly adopted baby, this surely leads to better connection between the adopted baby and your family members.

  • Adopted Baby is your own baby

Remember always that the idea of having an adopted baby was long discussed between you and your spouse and you were fully ready to welcome the adopted baby at home .Therefore, once the adopted baby is at home, it’s time for your real test and that is to make your adopted baby feel just like your own and treat him/her in all those ways through which you have raised your other children or you would have raised children of your own. Make the baby feel special and cared about especially if your adopted baby is a toddler. Toddlers can understand feelings really well and they require lots of love and attention. This situation gets more influencing for an adopted baby.

  • Equal Treatment

It is of prime importance that you treat your adopted baby just like your other children or other family members. You need to make an extra effort to show your adopted baby that how much you love and care for him/her. Treat them normally and be interactive towards them just the way you are towards all the other family members. An adopted baby feels left out more than anyone else as they think that they are not a part of your blood relationships. You have to tell your adopted baby that a baby born from heart is more precious than a baby born from tummy.

  • Family Activities

There’s nothing more perfect than including your adopted baby in different family activities and having family fun together. Make your adopted baby a part of all important family matters and look for his/her interests carefully. Don’t be careless about his/her feelings and pay special attention to your adopted baby when it comes to different family activities like picnics etc.

  • Some tips and Tricks

If you plan to tell your adopted baby about the adoption soon then prepare yourself and your spouse well before the actual drama. You and your spouse need to make sure that you act smartly and you are ready to take up any of the worst situations from your adopted baby.

Give proper reasoning and justify well to your adopted baby that why did you adopt him/her and why are you telling him/her now about him/her being an adopted baby rather than sometime later or earlier.

Last but not the least, enjoy a great family time with your adopted baby and make golden memories for your family as a whole. Hopefully everything will fall perfectly into place by setting up everything well between you and your adopted baby.

Babies are great blessing of God whether they are born to you or adopted. You can give a warm atmosphere to adopted baby by welcoming him and introducing to everyone in family.

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