How to Root Garden Seeds in an Eggshell

Eggshell garden is a stupendous idea for home garden . This is useful not only for you but also if your children are home garden freaks reason being less amount of dirtiness and tediousness involved. Eggshells also contain calcium and prove lucrative for soil enrichment. Take my word that your garden decor will flourish with this eggshell garden idea! Numerous garden decor steps are to be considered when rooting seeds in eggshell .

Firstly, take an egg and gently crack the pointy end. Be watchful to not it cause cracks throughout the body of the eggshell . Keep the lid of the carton to later place it at the bottom of your adorable eggshell garden . You can either place the planted eggshell in the home garden directly leaving a small vessel at the bottom of the eggshell to allow the fertilization to penetrate or keep this garden decor item in the box itself. Then, empty the contents of the egg in a separate bowl and rinse the eggshell .

Add potting soil to the garden-to-be. Slightly soak the soil being very careful not to break the eggshell at any time. Place the seeds in the middle by using a vessel or even an ordinary pin. You can also first put some soil, then the seeds and afterwards, the remaining soil to ensure that the seeds are properly placed and get optimum fertility. Another tip is that you can place pieces of soaked tissue in between the payers and it will remain wet for long. Place the planted eggshells in the egg carton with the lid below.

Keep it exposed near a sunny window or in your home garden . Water it regularly, but guarantee that it should hardly be spoonful for each eggshell else it may cause long term dampness and even break the eggshell . The finale will be any decoration or painting to your eggshells or the home garden itself.      

This is a great option for your very own home garden since it avoids the shovelling and scooping required by ordinary garden decor plantations. Above all, just imagine how envious your friend’s group will be after they see your awesome eggshell garden decor creation.

Winters have made it knotty to maintain outdoor gardens, so why not go with the idea of home garden where you use eggshells to root the garden seeds not only adding to your garden decor but also an innovation in itself.

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