How To Protect Your Garden During A Harsh Summer

The addition of plants and greenery add such a serene and refreshing effect to the house. Gardening is also a very good thing to adopt for leisure time which does not just add beauty to the house but also leaves a very positive impact. The summer heat does affect the plants and trees badly so it’s better to protect them from the harsh sunrays. The summer garden care is really important; hence following are some of the simple and easy gardening tips.

  • Watering Technique:

First summer gardening tip is to water either in the early morning or after the sunset. When you water your plants, it needs to be absorbed deep down to the roots, therefore if you’ll water it in the hot weather, all will evaporate. Avoid over watering the plant as it will deterioration the roots and the soil will go barren. One more gardening tip related to water and irrigation is to not pour water directly from the tap as it will be cold in temperature, let the water come to the room temperature.

  • Choice of the Plants:

Grow the toughest plants in your garden which can tolerate more sun rays. Do enough research and grow plants which can survive according to the climate and weather conditions. People usually don’t like little cacti, which looks so cute lying somewhere in the corner.

  • Mulching:

Another gardening tip is to brush up some mulch on the surface of your plant as this locks the moisture to the plant and ensure no evaporation occurs and keep the weeds away. Salt in boiling water is an effective killer for weeds on the pathways; it is a great summer gardening tip.

  • Check:

Keep checking your garden and plants to see which plants are more effected by the harsh weather conditions. Those plants which are more affected by and prone to the hoarse sun rays; move them to a shadier place.

Gardening in summers is not such a big thing once you have enough knowledge about that. Do not forget the simple basic gardening tips and keep your garden lush and green all year long no matter how hot or harsh the weather might be. Your garden will turn into a serene calm place where you can entertain you guest around the natural beauty of green trees and ripe colorful flowers, fruits and vegetables.

The natural beauty has its own significance and value. By little garden care in summers, you can turn you garden into a really refreshing place.

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