How to Give Your Child Medicine

When your baby is sick, you want to do whatever is possible for you to make him/her well which includes an important part called medicine – like giving him/her extra hugs, love and kisses, time in bed. But battling and quarreling try to get the medicine into his/her mouth would not be a pleasant task. So what can you do when your hot – tempered tot refuses to take the medication?

General Tips For Parents

It’s important that children are given their say in their treatment. Instead of forcing your child to take the medicine, it is essential to talk to them and ask for what they wish to- you need to work on your. There is a survey where children who feel comfortable and contented that they are being taken seriously and included in decisions about treatment are more likely to take medicines than those who are just told what to do.

Thus clear communication between parents, child and doctors would make your situation easy to face. Don’t penalized or pressurize your child because your child will retaliate one day or the other.

Addressing and tackling your child’s concerns

Firstly, you always need your child to trust and believe in you so don’t create an impression of a fight. Listen to your child as to what he wants and the way he wants the situation to handle. Further you can ask for your child’s suggestion so he doesn’t think bad of his parents. This way parents can work on the solutions and this trick works even for older children.

Having a healthy argument and discussing as to why he needs to take medicine and how will it help him. Doctors and parents both should work on the same line of action so that the child isn’t confused. You can make the medicine a fun game for the child instead of spoiling your child’s mood. Examples:

  • You can play doctor- patient games and make him take the medicine
  • You can offer your child different rewards
  • You can pretend that taking the medicine is a normal process which mostly everyone does
  • You can also watch constructive cartoons where taking medicine is an easy task
  • You can also go for suppository if nothing is working out.
  • Give him water or a favorite drink before and after the medicine
  • Some children find it easy swallowing a tablet instead of syrups
  • You can chop the medicine and mix it in some smoothie, milkshake, yougurt so that the bad taste is not dominated

Suggestions for parents

1. Be understanding, don’t be harsh with your child

2. Try to maintain calmness even if your child continuously refuses to take their medicine

3. Try to make medicine a normal routine instead of creating an episode of distress at home.

4. Try to give rewards and enjoyments after medication example: stickers

5. These days syrups are available which color the tongue so that becomes fun for your cild

6. Praise and encourage your child and motivate him to do all challenging tasks

7. Don’t make taking medicine seem like a punishment.

Convincing your child to take their medicine can be a challenging and memorable part of bringing up because it is tough and cute at the same moment. Not all children are stubborn and uncooperative in terms of doctors and medication.

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