How To Deal With Jealousy In Kids

Jealousy is normal emotion that typically refers to negative feelings of fear, insecurity and anxiety. All individuals experience jealousy but it is mostly observed among kids. It can be very painful for kids and also for family members to tackle jealousy. Children often feel the favoritism and more prone to jealousy with other kids. Jealousy is at its extreme on the arrival of new baby in a family. The first child is jealous because of being ignored. At that time, you become upset and think that how to reduce the jealousy in kids. It’s not a difficult task; you can help your child effectively in dealing with jealousy. If your baby is also experiencing jealousy then only you can help them out to overcome this natural human emotion jealousy. I must suggest you some simple ways to reduce the chances of jealousy in your kids.

Don’t punish kids

If your child is jealous of other siblings and friends, don’t punish them. Rather teach them effectively to deal with this emotion and to handle the situations that cause them to feel jealous. Punishment is not a solution of jealousy feelings. Even scold the child can make the situation worse. Treat them with love. A parent should understand the feelings of their child and should find the solution to handle it.

Discussion with kids

Sometimes children need special time apart from others and sometimes alone. When feelings of jealousy become physical then it is the time to separate the children from others. Children need discussion.  You should give time to your kid to express his emotions. Give them opportunity to share their feelings with you. Talk to them about the problems and teach them how they can reduce the feeling of jealousy. It can also serve as a useful tool to cool down tempers and jealousy feelings.

Give time to kids

It is important for parents to spend time with their kids because kids want attention and care. Parents need to take a look at the behaviors of their kids. Set a time and spend maximum 15 minutes with your kids. Ask your child to identify the things that make him upset and jealous.

Refrain from comparing      

Never compare any child in contrast to others. Comparing is surely a way to produce jealousy in kids. Comparing the children can cause long lasting strains and problems like natural clashes that can be difficult to handle. So refrain from comparing behaviors and personal traits in kids. Respect their self respect and self esteem. All kids like to hear something unique from their parents that make them special and different from others. All kids are special and unique in their own ways so don’t compare them.

Avoid negative labels

Sometimes in families children are known by nick names. This type of labels can stick and become difficult to erase not only within family but also outside your family as well. So avoid using negative nicknames.

Stimulate positive feelings

Encourage your child to be cooperative. You should stimulate positive feelings in kids for others.     Indulge him in such activities which promote positivity. Empower your child with the feelings of responsibility.       

Jealousy is a natural human emotion that is experienced by the people of all ages. You can deal with jealousy feelings by opting simple and effective ways. 

Jealousy is normal human emotion that is common in children. A number of situations trigger the feelings of jealousy. At that time, children require your attention. It is the responsibility of parents to talk to them and allow them to express their feelin

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