How to create a hotel-style bathroom

It’s not an age to ignore the bathroom setting in your home. Bathrooms also require attention as neat and clean bathroom positively affect your mood. Researches prove that healthy environment of bathroom not only good for your health, but good for your mood as well. If we talk about luxury style living it characterize with full comfort and ‘Aesthetic Sense’ satisfaction for you.

Luxury style living facilitates every corner of home. Hotels and Motels all over the world cash this living style for their earnings. Everybody loves to have luxury style livings, they always try to do more or less for their bedrooms, living rooms and lounge, but have you ever think to set up a hotel style bathroom?

Bathrooms of first class hotels defined by luxury, style and elegance, you can create this ‘look’ for your own bathroom through the help of sleek bathroom accessories. Spend your money for good quality accessories like there should be plush towels and good quality toiletries. Now no need to go far away to achieve high-level relaxation, you can have this in your own bathroom.

Ideas for Hotel Style Bathroom

Pamper yourself with quality Fabric

Resorts all around the world pamper their gust with fine quality of everything. They start with irresistible fabric, so don’t compromise the quality of fabric in your bathroom. All the towels, bath gowns must be of good quality. Hotel style bathroom towels and clothing have monogram on them, you can add your name or the name of your house through applique or embroidery this is a small act, but with worthy consequences it will not only impress your guests it will also make you feel special.

Another important thing that you must have numerous sets of bathroom clothing, a big mistake that is done by people, is of keeping just one or two sets of towel and gowns. Facilitating your guest with the same bathroom clothing in his next visit does not emit good impression of you.

Add Rich Sophistication

With some little things you can add rich sophistication into your simple bathroom. Going in or coming out from the bath-tub has to be comfortable. Use a thick good quality rug for this purpose. Spread the rug near the entrance of bath-tub. If the bathroom has good space use a brocade curtain to spate the bath-tub area, for this a natural color such as olive or merlot color curtain add lavishness in your bathroom. Curtain hooks must have stainless steel hooks.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are necessary as they are important to add beauty and comfort as well. There must be wall hangings, cabinets, vases, if you are a nature lover than the indoor plants and some sort of bathroom furniture like a delicate crystal chair or couch.

On the counter in the bathroom you can place your photograph in a glass frame; this will add amazing mental comfort in your hotel style bathroom. You can also place a crystal vase there to give a lavish touch.

Jewelry Box Magic

A beautiful gold or silver jewelry box will be a great way to add luxuriousness in your hotel style bathroom. The function of jewelry box there is prominent as people need some safe place in the bathroom to comfortably put their things like a wristwatch, coins, and jewelry. It’s a practical and sophisticated way to piling up the bathroom counter.

Add lavishness through Curtain and LCD/LED

If you really want to add lavishness and want to make a hotel style bathroom add a rich fabric curtain in light color and LCD/LED in the bathroom. High-class hotels provide the facility to watch television in the bathroom. If your bathroom has enough and you can afford to place LCD/LED go for this as it is the best way to create a luxury bathroom.

Add a curtain, if there is a window it’s good if there is no window hang a curtain on wall. This will definitely look very sophisticated and royal. The combination of curtain and LCD/LED may turn your home bathroom into a luxurious suit of a high-class hotel.

Hotel bathrooms are defined for their luxurious comfort and style, you can turn your home bathroom into a high class hotel suit bathroom by following some ideas.

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