How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies, the lovely creatures of nature have some amazing beauty in them which can never be overlooked. They are a constant source of natural beauty and that is why some people just want to look at them. Some are so much stunned that they go on to capture their magnificence and this pertains to be one of the main reasons why planting flowers has become so much important. People tend to grow plants which help the butterfly population grow, specially the rare ones!

Habitat destruction has led to a decline in this beautiful natural creature, and this is the reason butterfly gardening is gaining increased popularity. Creating a butterfly garden is aimed at creating an atmosphere which attracts butterflies and moths as well as encourage the laying of eggs. These tiny little creatures feed on the flower nectar, which tends to be the major cause of attraction. Butterfly garden is more like a wildlife garden with lots of wildlife flowers and must be created with careful planning so the butterfly population is encouraged.

Built a Butterfly_Garden

Those who love flowers and gardens also love butterflies and thus, they must make an attempt to increase the number of butterflies that visit their garden. The best part is that growing a butterfly garden is quite an easy task and you might be delighted to know that you have already planted those flowers which attract butterflies. Just a little effort and you will be surprised to see a heavenly garden – butterflies will come all the way thanking you for putting your energy and time!

It starts with preparing a new bed for plantation so the flower seeds can be sown. Creating the plant bed calls for attention and care and needs clearing of the wild weeds that have grown, as well as some spraying. While choosing the site for your butterfly garden, make sure that the space is surrounded with other plants and not isolated.

Butterfly Gardens

This is because butterflies will find their way to your garden when there is an array of flowers to guide them straight there. Bear in mind that if your garden is just a floral section amongst grass, these little winged creatures will be less tempted to visit your place! Moreover, flowering shrubs and butterfly enticing plants are also a major cause of attraction for butterflies.

Butterflies love colors so make sure that you include a variety of them in your garden, as well as ensure that the plants are of differing size and height. Some of the famous plants include Lilacs, Rhododendrons and James McFarland along with Weigela for attracting butterflies. It is advisable that Butterfly Milkweed is never forgotten while planting a butterfly garden along with blossoms. The plants also provide food for caterpillars as some plants are not fed upon by adult butterflies.

Butterfly Garden

Several other wildflowers attract butterflies and you will get to see a view which is as beautiful as heaven! Just plan your garden in a way which blossoms in all seasons. This will enable frequent visits of your favorite creatures. Furthermore, you should ensure that the butterfly garden must also be a source of the nourishment of butterflies as well as a shelter place in cold and wind. Rocks and small logs are a good source of providing shelter. Butterfly shelters are also a good option to add. In the end, do not forget to add the bench where you can calmly sit and observe the nature’s beautiful creation!

Why butterfly gardens are gaining popularity and how simple it is to own your own butterfly garden. It is as simple as anything and you can have a beautiful site full of floras and colorful winged creatures!

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