How To Celebrate 14th August Independence Day

Quaid-e-Azam, our father of the nation is epithet as such because he founded Pakistan along with the help of our other namely intellects like Dr. Allama Iqbal, Rehmat Ali , Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and etc. It was these people who realized that a separate state was a necessity for the Muslims to grow in the sub continent. It was all due to the reason that we as Muslims have a different culture, religion, principles and living with the Hindus was ruining it. To practice our religion freely, to live according to the rules of democracy laid by Islam, this concept of Pakistan was passed and immediately liked and approved by most of the Muslims Leaders in the Asia. Then the process of convincing the Hindu leaders and British was commenced and that with a lot of motivational speeches and bloodshed led to the development of our country. We should take pride in acknowledging this.

Nowadays life is fast and we all have a lot to do in a day. Our fast track lives our shaped in such a way that the children are taken away with their homework, studies and video games where the parent lot is busy earning, keeping house hold in control and etc. All this has led to little time being spent amongst family members. The outcome of our consumer driven lives has been this that now most kids that we see, are ill mannered and almost all of them have zero knowledge about their religion, country, culture and history.

Even thou there are no excuses for being ignorant on your religious principles but I firmly believe that living in Pakistan, every parent should as a responsibility teach his kid right from the start the history of this country, how it came into being, what do we mean when we say were celebrating Independence Day and who we got independent from. Not only that but parents should get involved with their kids and celebrate this day with zeal and zest with their children.

I believe that it’s a motivational speech from the elder that moves the child and encourages him to act. Hence a parental input on celebrating 14 Aug is a must. When I was young, 14 Aug was not only celebrated at school, where having a white shalwar kameez was a must that day and I would get it especially stitched with a matching green dupatta, songs were sung, skits done and many speeches were held in school. Where this day was an essential school celebration, this day was also a family outing day where I would go visit the city to see how beautifully it has been lit up.

For parents today, not only should you teach your children the importance of 14 August but also involve with them in celebrating it. Help your kids get those flags, badges, posters and other accessories of Pakistan flag on it. Help them decorate your house with it. As a change, listen to the national songs for a day on the radio; take them out to visit the city to show them how it is decorated in the honor of the day. While your out with your children visiting the ancient buildings that have been decorated with lights, make sure you’re telling your kids the history relating to the place or about the leader to whom it belongs to. This way they will not only remember the little details of the leader but also idealize him and respect him.

Therefore, adopt a positive parenting attitude and help your child grow with moral values and love for his homeland. Make your child a proud Pakistan who stands firm on his ground and has passion to do something for his homeland when he grows. Make your child want to be like our leaders who brought a change in society and are still remembered.

We all know Pakistan was made on 14 August 1947 but little do our children have the knowledge about the intensity of sacrifice and blood shed that took place to achieve a separate country. Muslims take pride in celebrating this day and I believe all paren

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