How To Build A Birdbath

Birdbath is an attraction for many species of birds and also has become part of garden décor. Birdbath is an artificial puddle or small shallow pond which is created with water filled basin. In that basin many birds may bath, cool off and from which the quench their thirst. It is best place for many birds especially in summer or in drought period. A birdbath can be any garden ornament, outdoor sculpture and small pool. Give birds a place to drink or bath in your garden. A carefully constructed and well placed birdbath can bring new species of birds to your yard. Birdbath should be central feature of a garden and should be constructed and décor in such a way that it compliment your garden’s beauty. I must suggest you to make a birdbath in your garden in easy way.

To make a birdbath in your garden first of all you have to decide where to place your birdbath. Place should be chosen in such a way that birds must be able to access the bath while feeling safe. Avoid placing birdbath near to trees and brushes. Cats are natural predators of birds and they are more likely to hide themselves in brushes to attack on birds so birds avoid places which are near to plantings.
While considering place for birdbath seek a balance of lighting and some sunlight is also important. Most of the birds do not like full shade or full sun.

After selecting place for birdbath, dig a hole there to place the birdbath by using a shovel. The hole should be large enough to seat the post. You can seat a metal or wooden post. Fill in the dirt or concrete around the base of post. Do it properly and make sure that post is standing straight.

Now place a basin or any birdbath over post. You can use anything that can hold water such as metal pie pan or glass cake pan. Just make sure it is not going to rust or poison the birds. Also make sure that the birdbath you selected has no sharp edges. Ceramic or glass birdbath is great in mild climate. Keep your birdbath shallow. It will be good if you choose birdbath with a lid or edge as it will provide birds a place to stand.

Don’t forget to place a rock on birdbath as it is necessary for stability. Rock helps to stabilize the birdbath. This is especially important for lighter weight pans. The rock will also provide birds another place to stand other than the edge of pan.

Once you have made birdbath in your garden, its maintenance is your duty. Maintenance is very simple which includes a daily quick wash and refill fresh water. Fresh water is important. If you choose concrete birdbath then it will require occasional scrubbing with a stiff brush to save birds from slippery.
This is an easiest and simplest way to construct a birdbath in your garden. It is super easy to build. You can make it more attractive by decorating it with beautiful flowers and plants.

Give birds a place to drink or bath in your garden in the form of birdbath. Birdbath is trend and also an attraction for many species of birds. If you want to build birdbath in your garden here I mentioned an easiest way to build a birdbath in your garden

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