How To Be Healthy In Summer By Eating Salad

Salads are full of nutrition and health. A fresh and crunchy salad does not always have to be on the side, it should be the star of its own meal. One of the pleasures of salad is to eat it in summer. Salads are main part of meal especially in summer. Summer brings plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables with it. Salads are full of healthy, nutrition and delicious too.

The word Salad sounds low calories. Doesn’t it?  Salads can be healthy and satisfying meal on their own or perfect accompaniments to main dishes if they are prepared in healthy way.

It’s all depends upon ingredients you use. Mayonnaise, oily dressing, fried chicken and many other ingredients make salads full of calories. You can cut way back on calories and fat just by making simpler substitutions in salads. Salads are versatile and healthy. Make healthful salads in this summer to keep you fresh and healthy.

When it is hot outside and you just feel like to eat something cool and light then nothing can be better than salad. Summer is the official season for parties, barbecues and picnics. As in summer season, mostly people avoid to cooking in kitchen and want something light and cool that is cooked without the requirement of cooking.

To keep yourself healthy, it is necessary to make salad with fresh vegetables only. The salad made of fresh vegetables can also be an appetizer. Some fresh vegetables that are particularly refreshing for your summer salads are cucumber, tomato, radish, carrot and red beet and make salad a refreshing and full of health diet by giving a great touch to your salad.

You can turn salad in complete meal by adding protein rich food in it. Protein rich food balances the amount of carbohydrates in the salads and helps stave off hunger for hours. You can add different type of beans to make your salad healthier. Beans add little color, nice texture and a subtle crunch to your salad.

You can also boost smart fat quotient by using canola oil or olive oil in your dressing. And you must use dark green lettuce for your green salad. Every salad almost has something green in it. The darker green the lettuce, generally your salad contain more vitamins and essential nutrition. You can choose spinach or romaine lettuce. Cabbage is also a good choice.

There is nothing like a toasty crunch to jazz up any salad. Try toasted sliced almonds or other type of nuts of your choice and add them on the top of your salad.They will add another dimension of tasty flavors with a little punch of protein.

Everybody wants a cool salad on a sizzling hot day. Keep your salad in refrigerator before serving as you want cool salad. The refrigerator will also keep your salad fresh and cool without wilting.

Get creative and mix a variety of salad type together for an amazing crisp of fresh veggies that everybody will love to eat and definitely make you healthy and refresh.

Summer is here and eating healthy becomes the concern of every person as the summer season arrives. Summer is the season of picnics, parties and lot of outside enjoyments with friends and family and there is nothing better than to eat a healthy and nutrit

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