How to Be a Good Father

The earning man with the gentle hand, a father is any household alpha dog. The bread earner, security provider and a symbol of hope and prosperity for others in the family a father is not only looked upon by other members of the pack but rather, many of them want to be like him. In situations like these, men must take up the role of being a father, not just as a figure but in true essence, the entirety of the word should be enveloped into ones personality.

You must try and be a role model for your children, exhibit a strong sense of patience and will power with undeterred determination that doesn’t succumb under pressure. The first step to being a good father is showing your kids how much you appreciate being their father. Point out all their achievements, show them that you’re proud and in fact, even reward them with what they want the most. Show them that the reward is acknowledgement of their efforts.

Set examples for them to follow. Be a teacher and as they grow older emphasize on the importance of what is right and wrong. Remember that they will follow your acts and actions. Don’t indulge in activities that you don’t want your children being a part of.

If you love them, show it! There is nothing worse than deepening the divide of a relationship as a consequence of hidden feelings or poor comprehension of affection. Be very open and generous when showering them with your love because remember that it’s you who teaches them the right way of expression and what they will learn is what they will be.

It is important to respect your child’s mother. At a very young age, children tend to have a great deal of affiliation with their mother and come to realize that being a woman she is weak and more susceptible to be damaged by emotional or social stresses. Respect her so your children will respect her to.  A good father is one who sets a great example for his children by respecting their mother.

Expectations are a diverse range of implications and struggles that may end up inculcating negative habits and straining your relationship with your children; don’t place unnecessary expectations on them that will cause them to resort to unfair means just because of the fear of disappointing you. The same goes for you. Don’t give up on your efforts because you don’t think they’re good enough. Remember, that as a father your job is never done. So make sure that you keep on trying, set new goals and ever so often start this new journey to strengthen your relationship with your kids.

Work on your relation ship with your children to strengthen the knots of your family tapestry.

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