How Summer Vacations Make Kids Fat

A summer vocation is the happiest period in a student’s life indeed. Two or three months of summer vacations are full of joy and happiness for the kids.

Kids get relaxation and went out for picnic parties. They spend most of their time in eating, playing and merry making. Kid’s summer vacations give them opportunity to enjoy their life at its peak. It refreshes their mind from the hectic routine of the school and studies. Some kids try to improve their creativity skills but many just want to eat, sleep, play and nothing else in the hot summer vocations.

Kids usually become fat in summer vacations due to several reasons. They have disturbed routine throughout the summer vocations which leads them to obesity. They put their pencils, erasers aside and enjoy every moment without the fear of exams and daily home work. Kids rush here and there and spend most of their time in playing games. They are not aware of what are they eating or drinking in the summer vacations.

Parents also play a vital role in making their kids fat during the summer vacations. They allow them of eat junk food and take them to Macdonald’s or KFC for lunch and dinner. Below is mentioned that how summer vocations makes kids fat.

• Excess of junk food

Kids are always fond of junk food like burger, pizza, French fries etc. In summer vacations, they in take excess of junk food that proves harmful for them and as a result they become fat. In summer vocations, kids have plenty free time, so they remain busy in making plans for hangout with their parents. The out door foods ruin their health badly in summer. The daily junk food makes them restless and inactive as it is not healthful for them.

• Lack of physical activities

As summer is full of hotness so it does not allow the kids to play some physical games. Kids spend their time in watching TV or by lying on bed under the air conditioned. Though physical games are always associated with kids but the summer vocations are free of these physical games and exercise due to hot sun shine. The lack of physical games bring the kids towards inactive and fatness. As a result, kid’s summer vacations make them chubby and fatter.

• Video gamming

Video games are very popular among kids throughout the year but in summer vacations kids are more addicted to them as they are free from studies and daily school going routine. They usually do nothing but eating and playing games on their play stations. By sitting for several hours in front of computers can make them fat because it is necessary to walk for few minutes after having meal. Kids do not pay attention on it and jump towards their play stations after eating which is very common in summer vacations.

• Cola drinks

As summer has hotness so everyone wants to remain cool by drinking chill drinks. Kids often prefer cola drinks instead of juices. Fresh juices are healthful for the kids not only in summer vacations but throughout the year. Cola drinks have calories in excess that can make them fat and inactive causing other health problems as well. Moreover, chocolates and other candies are also unhealthy for the kids. Cola drinks we can say are a vital part of the kid’s summer vacations.

• Late night sleeps

Due to plenty of time and no fear of going to school makes kids free and relaxed throughout the summer vacations. They sleep late at night and spend whole the night by eating snacks while watching movies or TV programs. Research has proved that eating late till night can make you three times fatter than usual day meal. This is how kids become fat in summer vacations rather than other usual days.

Summer is the season of joy and fun for the kids because it is the period in which they get relaxation from their hectic routine of school. Kid’s summer vocations allow them to eat play and enjoy their childhood at its peak, but this summer vocations ca

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