How One Woman Conquered Her Hormones

1. Hormone: Leptin

Leptin is one of the many hormones produced by our fat cells. It plays a role to control craving. Research said that excess fat in body can cause a condition known as leptin resistance; it means our brain isn’t affected by leptin even though our body contains higher levels of it. Fat cells crank out inflammatory chemicals that block the action of leptin and then our body begins to feel its starving. That not the exact case but to recompense for this supposed threat to endurance, our metabolism slows down and our brain sends constant hunger signals in an effort to force us to eat, especially high-calorie food.


It can be conquered with diet and some exercise. For this you have to manage time eating as try to eat one cup of vegetables before 10 am every day. Research has found that people who adopt this habit, they tend to be less hungry later in whole day. As vegetables contain essential antioxidants and vitamins that help to reduce the inflammation that interferes with leptin, it helps to burn fat and reduces your cravings.

2. Hormones: Cortisol and Serotonin

You might listen that many people eat more fatty food while they get stress. This is just because of their cortisol hormone. In stress our adrenal glands starts to release this stress hormone and give you signal to take burst of energy for fighting against your stress and put you to eat high sugar and high carb food like chips, burger, chocolate etc. On the other side Serotonin has the opposite effect: it calms us down and is a natural appetite suppressant. In fact, some weight lose drugs work by boosting the action of serotonin in the brain.


One woman can conquer her cortisol hormone without taking serotonin from drugs by loading themselves with foliate-rich lentils, asparagus and spinach as our brain uses the vitamin B in these foods to make serotonin. You may also get this by taking enough sleep.

3. Hormone: Insulin

When we take a carb-laden meal or sugary drinks, they make our blood sugar skyrocket and our body responds by releasing insulin, whose work it is to pull extra glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream. When we eat pasta, bread or sweets, insulin can cause those excess calories to be stored as fat. In some cases, insulin resistance can lead by extra padding. It’s a condition in which cells become less reactive to the hormone and diabetes.


By cutting back on foods that cause to increase blood sugar, you can control the amount of insulin your body produces. Fizzy drinks account for a full third of the added sugar in our diets, so cutting them out is a great beginning. You may eat brawn bread, white pasta which contains fiber to slow the absorption of sugar in our blood, making for a more insulin response. Moreover, another smart way to maintain consistent levels of glucose and insulin is to giving space between your meals and snacks so that you’re eating smaller portions at more frequent intervals throughout the day.

4. Hormone: Irisin

Researchers found a way to make white fat which behave more like brown fat, a kind which actually burns calories. The key is exposure to a newly discovered hormone, irisin. This hormone is produced by muscle tissue and released during exercise. This hormone also appears to help reduce insulin resistance.


Getting your sweat on is the best way to ramp up irisin levels and in re-turn it producing more fat-burning brown fat. Another method for increasing irisin is to adjust your temperature. Lower temperatures may make the white fat you have act like brown fat, shifting your metabolic rate enough to cause weight loss. If we spent two hours in an 18°C room and periodically dipped our feet into ice water, our brown fat burnt 15 times more calories than it did at room temperature.

Major problem a woman can face due to imbalance of hormones is gaining weight. Hormonal ebb and flow in our body controls nearly every aspect of our weight and I am sharing five most powerful hormones (which affect your weight) and the ways how one woman

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