How Much Water Does your Skin Really Need?

Water is good for the body but the myth that water helps your skin glow is not very true.

You’ve probably heard that drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day will give your complexion a glow. But is this in reality true?

Water intake and dry skin
Every system in the body needs water to function, and the skin is no exception; however, when it comes to dry skin, it’s not how much water you drink that’s vital, it’s how well your skin retains moisture.
Everyone has a natural "skin barrier" that locks in moisture, keeping our complexions hydrated and supple. Ecological factors–such as extreme cold, dry heat or the use of harsh cleansing products–can harm this barrier and make skin dry, flaky and more prone to wrinkling. Taking flax seed supplements and eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, can help your skin barrier catch more moisture.

So how much water does skin really need?
There’s no harm in drinking eight glasses of water a day. Just keep in mind that we get 20 percent of our water through food, and other beverages count toward our daily requirement as well (this includes coffee and tea). There’s no hard and fast rule on how much water you need–it really depends on your body size and level of activity.

The best liquids for your skin
To truly drink for your skin, try replacing liquids that harm the complexion–like soda and sugary juices–with those that are good for it, like antioxidant-rich green tea and sugar-free pomegranate juice.

Water is good for the body but the myth that water helps your skin glow is not very true.

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