How I Stopped Hating Father

When you hear the word “Father” what normally pops in to your mind? Love, Security, Provider!  Sometimes it could bring in the fond memories but occasionally it could remind us of dreadful memories. The word Father and Hate in one sentence does sound bizarre at first but once we dig in a little deeper it sadly is usual for some individuals.

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. The love for our parents is something that we are born with, which made me wonder how come some individuals can eliminate the love from their heart or sometimes don’t even get a chance to feel it. A friend of mine told me “I use to believe that I hated my father when I young it was because the way he treated my mother and paid no attention to me.

However as I grew up and realize it was merely resentment towards him”.  During my research I got the opportunity to speak to another friend of mine, her opinion was “As I only saw my biological father when I was young, most of my life my mother has been everything for me therefore I don’t have any feelings towards my biological father.

These discussions did confirm that fact that resentment and hate can be felt towards the first love of our lives, our parents. However it also gave me a chance to find ways to avoid this from happening. We do need to understand one thing Fathers=Men and most men not as emotional as women, strong exterior, less chatty therefore they can be misunderstood most of the time. But here are some well formed Parenting Tips.

Aim to be a Super DAD

Being a Super Dad doesn’t entail paying 100% attention 24/7 on your family. It is in-fact very simple; just make your family your main priority.

It is about the Quantity not about the Quality

The world of Parenting Tips works differently to the normal world. Presence of a father is very important. It doesn’t have to be a five star family holiday every six months. The most important thing is being around more often for things like family dinner, cricket matches, and doctor’s appointment. Try and get involved as much as you can in your children life.

Showing emotions once in a while doesn’t make you a Woman!

One of the best Parenting Tip for the all the fathers out there! Don’t be a brick wall; being sensitive once in a while is good to develop a strong relationship with your children.

We know all school years are the same, but your child is only going there once!

Show interest in your children’s lives. Ask them about their schools, sports, friends, worries, interests and everything you can possibly can. You should be the ‘Top Best Friend’! Especially the way society has changed in at the past decade, social media websites, smart phones etc, it is definitely hard to install a tracker. Therefore it is better and easier to be a best friend.

Be good to the mother of your children

It is one of the most important advices from my book of Parenting Tips. We all know husband and wife do argue once in a while but it is very important not to argue in front of your children. Treat your wife with respect. Try and resolve all the issues privately and always have a united front.


Nobody gives you a book of Parenting Tips before you have your first child. You can do a degree about it but just like anything being a good father takes effort and practice. Hope Parenting Tips can give you an idea of what can be done to avoid your child using Father and Hate in one sentence.

Written By: Arooj Abbasi

The word Father and Hate in one sentence does sound bizarre at first but once we dig in a little deeper it sadly is usual for some individuals.

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