How I Learned to Love Exercise

I have always been a natural couch potato by nature. It was after puberty that people started pointing me out on weight issues. I would occasionally exercise or walk a bit. Never did this turn into a habit. I had a love for food yet an equal love for fashion. To wear clothes and look good in them, you need to be in shape and for that exercising was a must. I always looked upon it as work and hence would never develop persistence in my doing. That in turn resulted in no weight loss and extreme frustration.

Then with time and experience I learned to love exercise and ever since that day the world around me changed. The problem is many women like hate to workout because it is all cited for the wrong reasons. It is a given that on any day 45 percent of women are on a diet and 83 percent of college-age women are on a diet (regardless of how skinny they are).

The problem is that this negative message frames exercise as something we should force our bodies to do, whether we like it or not, to meet an impossible standard. It’s fitness as the modern corset.

There are two ways to increase the enjoyment in your workout: You need to minimize repetitiveness and maximize gratification. Another clue: this doesn’t involve checking heart rates or concerning yourself with aerobic thresholds.

"Explore doing things you loved to do as a kid, things that were naturally athletic," says Ingrid Bacci, author of The Art of Effortless Living (Vision Works). "Rolling on the floor or down a hill, wrestling, running, rollerblading…it’s all about feeling your body and feeling the elements — water, wind, earth — against your body."

Researchers even say that engaging in fun physical activities seems to have a stress-reducing component that goes beyond ordinary exercise. But only you can define fun for you. So to learn how to love exercise try to find out what amuses you and keeps you going. If you’re a social animal, maybe try out group activities such as walking, team volleyball, square dancing, a running club or soccer. Or maybe keep an exercise partner for constant motivation and stimulation.

If the wild calls, consider mountain biking or trekking. For those who crave singular, intense tasks, try rock-climbing or marathons. But the key is to investigate experiment and try a variety of activities to discover you and learn how to love exercise.

Once you’re truly motivated, and then make that physical activity a part of your lifestyle. You can take a week or a day off from it but promise yourself to get back on track right after the break. This way you will not only stay in shape but also health wise fitness will be at your door step.

Another way to learn to love exercise is to keep it local. Many people feel they need to join a gym and then have transport issues. As for me I started walking in the little space outside my house and that I started to enjoy with my headphones on listening to my kind of music rather than settling for some weird songs in a gym. That way I learned to enjoy my walk time.

The overall conclusion og how to learn to love your exercise is to stop trying hard and focus on sensation of your body, Do what it enjoys most. Painful exercises will make you hate the thought of workout. Let yourself be interested in how you feel and as you do that you can do whatever you are doing with less effort and tension. And more fun!

To exercise is not an easy task. You need to determine yourself to it and do it with persistence.

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