How Exercise May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Exercise is one of the most important actions that you can take to help guard against many types of cancer. Many people take exercise to keep them healthy and active and some exercise to prevent heart disease but exercise can also play a key role in preventing cancer. Recently a research was conducted which suggested that exercise lowers breast cancer risk.

Observational studies have found that exercise is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. Exercise known to favor fitness and improve heart health is also likely to help in preventing breast cancer by altering estrogen metabolism.  Exercise influences the way our body break down estrogens to produce more of the good metabolites that lower breast cancer risk

Endogenous estrogen is a hormone made by the body. It helps the body to maintain female sex characteristics. The female hormone estrogen seems to play a key role. Estrogen is large contributing factor in breast cancer development. Women with high estrogen level in blood have increased the risk of breast cancer. Being exposed to estrogen over a long time may increase the risk of breast cancer. Estrogen levels are highest during the years a woman is menstruating.

A woman exposure to estrogen is increased in early menstruation, late menopause and late pregnancy or never being pregnant. But the researches has proved that how exercise interacts with estrogen to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Since exercise lowers blood estrogen, it helps lower a woman’s breast cancer risk.

Even older women need to be concerned about estrogen because after menopause the hormone is produced by fat cells. Women who exercise have less fat and therefore produce less estrogen. The prevention of cancer through exercise is one of the best ways a woman can take a charge of her health.  

Regular exercise provides powerful protection against breast cancer. Exercise for 30 minutes a day prevents the risks of breast cancer but consistency, not intensity and duration are key! Exercise may alter the activity of your body enzymes, which in turn changes the way enzymes breakdown estrogen in to dangerous or benign byproducts. In the study, the women who exercised, the ratio of good to bad estrogen byproducts improved roughly 25%.

Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy weight, which in turn helps prevent breast cancer risk. For more healthy adults, the department of health and human services recommends at least 150 minutes a weekof moderate aerobic activity. Changes in estrogen metabolism can explain the anti-cancer benefits of working out.Regular exercise and healthy diet are recommended for all women as they can help you in preventing breast cancer

Exercise plays a dramatic role in preventing breast cancer. Women!It’s not too late to start. Motivate yourself to take exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Keep yourself fit and active and also prevent the risk of breast cancer by taking exercise daily. Enjoy a healthy life style.

How exercise may lower the risk of breast cancer? There is reason behind this question. Exercise influences the way our body break down estrogen and lower the risk of breast cancer. Take exercise daily it will not only keep you healthy and active but also

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