Hot and colorful Beef


Beef (undercut)       ½ Kg (cut it into strips or cubes)
Onion                       only 1 (in slices)
Ginger                    2Tbsp (cut into thin strips)
Capsicum                only 1
Tomatoes                only 2
Eggs                          4
(add a pinch of salt and black pepper in eggs, mix well and make an omelet)
Red chili               1Tbsp
Black pepper       as required
Salt                       as required
Garlic paste        1Tbsp
Chili sauce          ¼ cup
Oil                        4Tbsp
Vinegar               2Tbsp
Garlic sauce       2Tbsp
Tomatoes &      in cubes,
Capsicum          for garnishing

For garlic sauce:Tomatoes (blended)       only 2
Honey                                1Tbsp
Garlic paste                      1Tbsp
(mix them all and cook till they become thick, your garlic sauce is ready)


   Put the garlic paste in hot oil, in a saucepan and fry it slightly. Add crushed red chili and beef and then cook for some time. When it become dry and water evaporates then add onion & half of the gingers in strips. Now add capsicum, tomatoes, and salt, mix and cook them all together.  When they all cook well then add omelet, vinegar, garlic sauce, chili sauce and again cook just for 2 minutes with the cover on.

Dish out the beef and garnish it with the tomatoes and capsicum in cubes form. Your interesting and delicious hot and colorful beef is ready to enjoy.

Well people do you like to eat colorful & spicy red meat? If yes, then try this one.

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