Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

Women often face problems in carpeted rooms due to musty smell and stinky carpet, and they keeping looking for expensive readymade solutions. However, there are so many easier ways to boost the clean smell of the house and keep your carpets smelling fresh without bringing unnecessary chemicals into your home. Homemade carpet deodorizer is a perfect remedy for the same.

There are several methods to make your own carpet deodorizer, only if you have all the ingredients available at home and right recipe. Here are some guidelines to prepare your own homemade carpet deodorizer in simple and quick steps:

Baking Soda & Essential Oils

The best homemade carpet deodorizer is made with a combination of baking soda and essential oils. Take a cup of baking soda, add 5 or 6 drops of essential oils and mix them in a shaker. You can choose your carpet deodorizer scent on your own. Usually, orange, mint, lemon grove and apple cinnamon makes a good choice. Sprinkle your carpet powder on carpets and let it set for about 15 minutes before you vacuum it. This deodorizer recipe to remove nasty odor from carpets is highly powerful.

Pure White Vinegar & Warm Water

Another famous carpet deodorizer is the usage of vinegar. Vinegar is a carpet’s best friend. A mixture of vinegar and water works like a charm and makes an easiest homemade carpet deodorizer. Just mix equal quantities of pure white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and shake it thoroughly. Spray the stinky carpet vigorously. It fades as soon as the vinegar dries, and pulls out that nasty odor. In addition, this also helps to kill bacteria in your carpet.

Detergent Based Cleaning 

Majority women use detergent to make homemade carpet deodorizer. All you have to do is to mix a solution of clear liquid based detergent with warm water. Either you use it in a carpet cleaning machine, or scrub on your carpet with a rag or sponge mop. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it to remove leftover residue. This can be applied at any time for quick results.

Magic of Solvent Solution

Another method to making carpet deodorizer is in the form of a solvent solution. Most preferably, it is advised to use an oil solvent or you can also use a substitute in the form of nail polish remover. Dip a white cloth into it and apply it to the stain or areas having spots. This is highly suitable as it quickly removes dust marks and evaporates instantly.

Ammonia Solution

Always use ammonia as a homemade carpet deodorizer, as it greatly helps to remove bad odor from your carpet. Ammonia solutions are also available in several flavors. Usually, lemon is the most preferable to be used as carpet deodorizer. Areas with stains can be directly exposed with ammonia solution for better cleaning and removing stains. It is advised to keep your windows open while applying this, as air reaction with ammonia also helps to evaporate dusty particles from the bottom surfaces.

Fast Response With Quick Blotting

Homemade carpet deodorizer is nothing more than a quick action from your side for simple everyday accidental spills. The best solution for the same is blotting. This type requires you to put an absorbent on the stain or dust mark quickly as soon as it happens. You can remove a portion of the stain with each application of cleaning solution. Just keep repeating this recipe, until no more transfers from the carpet to your absorbent material is required.

The above mentioned homemade carpet deodorizer methods are simplest and economical solutions women can easily adopt. They could be highly effective as a part of daily cleaning routine and can help to regain fresh carpet looks and scent.

Homemade carpet deodorizer is far better than the expensive store bought powders and liquids, as it can greatly help to eliminate nasty odor from your carpets and make your home smell nice.

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