Home Decoration Ideas for Independence Day

14th August, the Independence day is celebrated with a lots of propel and splendor. Everybody, from adults to kids seems happy and enthusiastic and celebrates the day with full swing. On this year independence day, let’s have a look at some different thing….

The 14th of August holds a special place in every Pakistani’s heart. It was in this day in the year 1947 that Pakistan gained independence. The 14th of august is considered as a national holiday all around the country and is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and splendor. You can see flag rallies, fireworks, carnivals, Independence Day parades and many related activities, as this is the festive day for whole nation so, not only the adults but the kids also are equally excited. Markets and stores have huge variety of 14th August decorations gift sets which contains flags, banners, balloons, stars, badges, door hangers, candles and so many items.

14th August celebrations range from national parades to whole day festivals and carnivals. In our article on Independence Day celebration, we try to put our effort to giving you something different and unusual.

On this Independence Day celebrations, have a look at some singular and special aspect. Why not create a real and a full fledge independence colors and theme at your own home. Believe me, it will bring a real ambiance and essence of independence not only at your home but also touches your heart too.

You can do a lot more than just hang a flag at our roof to celebrate the 14th August. Choose from a variety of creative ways to decorate your home for Independence Day. Combine homemade items and fun favors from the nearest leading stores for an unforgettable independence holiday.

Here are some unusual and simple to apply ideas to turn your home into a patriotic show place on the 14 of August.

Beautiful and decorative homes always catch others attention. Hang a big big flag on the front porch. As it will signify your excitement and catches others attention. You can also drape white and green banners around it if you have enough space. This first idea will definitely create a real independence color to your home.

  • Throw a dinner with all the star-spangled trimmings. Go to your nearest super market and choose napkins, cups, tables cloths, candles, paper and plastic plates etc (which have green and white color theme) to set your patriotic table. For more, add your own touches with a bowl of white and green fresh lilies and floating candles as a centre piece.
  • If you arrange an independence party, live up your party with a patriotic pinata in the shape of country’s map, a white green top hat, or a simple windsock piñata. Include interesting and fun loving Pakistan history quizzes for kids as party games.
  • Bring a white and green into your bedroom also by using white and green cushions, pillow cases and draperies. Try using candles, vases and glass bottles of these colors. Add a mini- flag to decorate your study desk or centre/side tables.
  • You can also create independence ambiance by using flower centre pieces. Many florists make special “independence day flower pieces” for 14th August celebrations.
  • Also try out some traditional recipes like Shahi Qorma, Nihari, Sindhi Biryani, Shami Kabab etc. And in deserts, you can make a simple independence color theme cake or some traditional and alls favorite like Lab.e.Shirren, Sheer Khurma, Softley etc.
  • Don’t ignore your lawn and back yard area to make real independence decoration. Big flags, firecrackers and colored banners etc ca give your back yard the real 14th August look.
  • If you want to be more patriotic and different from others then you can label your car and motor bike with flag labels and fun loving stickers.
  • In the end, decorate your whole house along with your roof with flag buntings, banners and streamers. Vary your decorations by adding pictures of Quaid.e.Azam, Mohtarmma Fatima Jinnah and other national heroes. Make replicas of military medals, or use white and green stars and beads to embellish walls, windows and doors.
  • By using all these creative, unique and fun loving home decorative ideas you can really make your independence day more splendid, memorable and unusual than your past independence years.


14th August, the Independence day is celebrated with a lots of propel and splendor.

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