Home Decor on 14th August Independence Day

"Independence day" the day of glory, pomp and rejoice holds a great place in hearts of Pakistani nation. The tradition to celebrate the Independence Day is common all over the world and somehow these celebrations are similar in fashion. People use to celebrate this very day with great enthusiasm and passion.

The current scenario of Pakistan is not very supportive to celebrate the great day with full passion and rejoice. Due to the effects of terrorism threats on public places and events mostly people avoid to go to the mega events for the sake of security. If you are not going to the mega events it does not mean that you are not able to celebrate it with its original colors.

You can show your patriotism by making your home a patriotic display. Don’t ignore this big day celebrations, give your kids the true taste of patriotism by taking part in Independence Day celebrations.

Use your Home as a Canvas

Display your inner love for your country by using your home as a canvas. This will definitely revive your patriotic feeling. Home décor on 14th August will also grow the patriotism in your little ones.

Home décor on 14th August

Following are some home décor ideas for Independence Day.

Freedom Tree

If there is a tree in your house decorate it with national flags, balloons and lights. Tree can be a good tool to create your imaginary land. Decorate it with balloons batches and buntings. I will look awesome in your lawn. There is another tip if you don’t have an original tree you can use artificial indoor plant for this purpose.

Highlight your porch

With national buntings highlight your porch, make strings with buntings and cover the all open space. Home décor on 14th August will never be completed without buntings, use buntings on the outer parts of your home.

Don’t ignore the Indoor Decoration

It’s good to decorate the home outside, but it will rock if you bring these colors inside. Don’t use the buntings inside, your Home décor on 14th August will comprise on the theme colors. For indoor celebrations use the theme colors, duration pieces and flower arrangements.

Drawing Room

Drawing room is a place where you greet your guest, it’s the prominent part you’re your home. With little changes you can give a patriotic look to your drawing room. Home décor on 14th August must be prominent, as you can use the green and white cushion covers. Take a piece of cloth in green color and spread it on sofa or on couch. You can use a beautiful tablecloth in green color and with glitter make stars and moon and spread it on the center table.

Flower Arrangements

Home décor on 14th August will not complete without the flower arrangements. Don’t go for the expensive flowers use the available flowers. You may have found the white flowers in your home garden pluck them and arrange them with fresh green leaves. If you don’t have white flowers you can make them with the use of white tissue paper and arrange them with green leaves and grass.

Balloons look Awesome

If you don’t have time and money or want to keep the celebrations simple, but beautiful, use balloons. Purchase a packet of white and green balloons, make bunches of these balloons and display them in a corner of the home. This may look great with little effort, kids love balloons and kids will definitely enjoy this special day decoration.

Decorate your Kid’s Bedrooms

Make this day very special for your kids; change the bed–dings with green bed sheets. Spread a rug of green color on carpet. If your kids have a range of white toys or teddy bears, arrange them on green rug. It will look very nice and will give a gorgeous look to the whole room. Spread some green and white balloons over there in accordance of bunting strings.

There are some Home Décor ideas for 14th through this you can portray you patriotism in very elegant ways.

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